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Henry Holiday (17 June 183915 April 1927) was an English painter and illustrator. He illustrated The Hunting of the Snark.


  • Much fruitless speculation has been spent over supposed hidden meanings in Lewis Carroll's Hunting of the Snark. The inclination to search for these was strictly natural, though the search was destined to fail.
    • The Snark's Significance, Academy, 29 January 1898.

Quotes about Holiday[edit]

  • If only he can draw grotesques, it would be all I should desire, the grace and beauty of the pictures would quite rival Tenniel, I think.
    • Lewis Carroll, Diary for 16 Jan 1874; see Lewis Carroll's Diaries, vol.6 (2001), pp. 314-5.
  • He much disheartened me by holding out no hopes that Holiday would be able to illustrate a book satisfactorily.
    • Lewis Carroll, Diary for 23 Nov 1874; see Lewis Carroll's Diaries, vol.6 (2001).

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