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Henry K. Lattin (1806-1894) was a farmer, who in his later years had bouts of hyperreligiosity during which he would assault his wife. He died from a fall while picking apples. He was born on January 5, 1806 in Farmingdale, Nassau, New York. He died on November 21, 1894 in Farmingdale, Nassau, New York. His children include Jarvis Andrew Lattin (1853-1941) and Susannah Lattin (1848-1868).


  • You _____, what have you done with those eggs? If you go to the hen house again, you _____, I'll kick you out, you will stay there. By the law of Moses, I'll take your head off.
  • Well, she was like an other women; she has the grit. … She was never frightened at anything I did in praising the Lord; she went to the altar once and made profession, and I tried to get her to pray, but she soon fell away.

Quotes about Lattin[edit]

  • Henry Lattin, one of Farmingdale's oldest residents, died on Wednesday at the home of his son, Jarvis A. Lattin. Mr. Lattin met with an accident some three weeks ago which caused his death. He was picking apples from a tree when the ladder on which he was standing fell with him and in the fall an arm and a leg were broken.
  • Mr. Henry Lattin, an old resident of this village and formerly of Babylon, died on Wednesday morning, aged 88 years and 10 months. … A few weeks ago, while ascending a ladder to pick some apples, he missed his footing and fell to the ground, breaking his thigh and fracturing his arm and death resulted from the injuries received at that time.
  • An old gray-headed farmer sat in a despondent manner yesterday morning, in the law office of S. B. Nobles, Long Island City. A fine-looking elderly woman sat opposite him, and two younger women were between them. The eldest woman was suing for a limited divorce from her aged partner. "Glory, hallelujah! Bless the Lord!" the old farmer said, clapping his hands, as he listened to testimony recounting his taking his wife by the throat and knocking her down. The aged couple are Henry Lattin and Hannah Lattin, the farmer seventy-two, the latter a few years younger.
  • The case of Farmer Lattin, of Farmingdale, was again before the courts yesterday at Long Island City. The defendant, in his testimony, denied all the allegations of cruelty and neglect made against him by his wile. The defendant is seventy-two years of age and sometimes varies his occupation of farming by trying to convert his neighbors to the practice of the Christian virtues.
  • Mr. Henry Lattin. Dear Sir: — Your daughter is at No. 6 Amity Place, very sick with typhoid fever, and I do not expect her to live twenty-four hours. She inquires about her mother frequently, and wants her to come immediately. Yours truly, E. Daun.
  • In explanation of the strange and mysterious circumstances, it is stated that the deceased, whose name was Susannah Lattin, was about 21 years of age and the daughter of Mr. Henry Lattin, of Farmingdale, L.I.