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Henry Kirke White (21 March 1785 – 19 October 1806) was an English poet, who died at a young age.




  • Poetry has been to me something more than amusement, it has been a cheering companion when I had no other to fly to, a delightful solace.
    • Letter to Capel Loft, 10 September 1805.
  • We should teach our children to make friends with us, to communicate all their thoughts to us … by this we find many opportunities of teaching them important truths, almost without knowing.
    • Letter his White's aunt, 6 January 1800.
  • When the day of misfortune comes and (comes it must sooner or later to all )we may be prepared with Christian fortitude to endure the shock.
    • Letter to Mr. B.Maddock, 10 November 1805,
  • What treasure does the religious an possess in this, that when everything else fails he has God for his refuge and can look to a world where he is sure through Christ Jesus, that he will not be disappointed.
    • Letter to Mr B Maddock 10 November 1805.

Melancholy Hours

  • Poetry is a blossom of very delicate growth, it requires the maturing influence of vernal suns and every encouragement of culture and attention to bring it to its natural perfection.
  • The exquisite and finely wrought susceptibility invariable marks the temperament of the poet. The cast of originality is the stamp and testimony of genius.
  • There is no species of poetry which is better adapted to the taste of a melancholy man than a sonnet. Its brevity precludes the possibility of it becoming tiresome.
    • Melancholy hours, The Poetical Works and remains of Henry Kirke White, G. Routledge, London 1835.


  • O Lord, another day has flown,
    And we, a lonely band,
    Are met once more before thy throne,
    To bless thy fostering hand
    • Opening quatrain from White's hymn A Hymn of Family Worship The Poetical Works of Henry Kirke White, Pickering London 1855.
  • Christianity is not a mere set of opinions to be embraced by understanding. It is the work of the heart as well as the head.
    • Reflections- The Poetical Works and remains of Henry Kirke White, G. Routledge, London 1835.
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