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Henry Lawson, 1902.

Henry Lawson (17 June 18672 September 1922) was an Australian writer and poet.


  • Old Mathews drank to drown sorrow, which is the strongest swimmer in the world.
    • The Ridiculous Family, from Triangles of Life and Other Stories (1913)
  • The old shepherd had died, or got drunk, or got rats, or got the sack, or a legacy, or got sane, or chucked it, or got lost, or found, or a wife, or had cut his throat, or hanged himself, or got into Parliament or the peerage—anyway, anything had happened to him that can happen to an old shepherd or any other man in the bush, and he wasn't there.
    • His Mistake, from Triangles of Life and Other Stories (1913)

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