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Henry More

Henry More (12 October 16141 September 1687) was an English philosopher of the Cambridge Platonist school.


  • True religion, sprung from God above,
    Is, like her fountain, full of charity,
    Embracing all things with a tender love,
    Full of good will and meek expectancy,
    Full of true justice and sure verity,
    In heart and voice; free, large, even infinite,
    Not wedged in straight peculiarity,
    But grasping all in her vast active spright:
    Bright lamp of God! that men would joy in thy pure light!
    • The Immortality of the Soul (1662), Book 2, Canto 3
  • Tell mankind Jehovah reigns;
    He shall bind the world in chains,
    So as it shall never slide,
    And with sacred justice guide.
    Let the smiling heavens rejoice,
    Joyful earth exalt her voice;
    Let the dancing billows roar,
    Echoes answer from the shore,
    Fields their flowery mantles shake;
    All shall in their joy partake;
    While the wood-musicians sing
    To the ever-youthful spring.
    Fill His courts with sacred mirth;
    Lo! He comes to judge the earth:
    Justly He the world shall sway,
    And His truth to men display.
    • "A Hymn of Praise" (1668)

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