Henry Savile Clarke

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Henry Savile Clarke (1841 – 1893) was a dramatist and critic. He wrote and produced a dramatisation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.


  • A Nursery Magician took
    All little children by the hand:
    And led them laughing through the book
    Where Alice walks in Wonderland.
    • Quoted in A Selection from the Letters of Lewis Carroll to his Child-Friends (1933) edited by Evelyn M. Hatch, p. 188


  • All apartments are eligible as I ever heard tell of, just as all shopkeepers, barring that publican next door, are respectable.
  • I haven't seen this chap's boots yet, but I should say from his knock he's a good opinion of himself.
  • Be speedy, for I was born under a thirsty star.
  • Whenever I had spotted a real good thing, my funds would never run to paper and stamps to apply for shares.
  • Nobody but a highlander can go about without his trousers.
  • You see around you the old masters. They were called masters, as you are doubtless aware, because they taught drawing; the epithet old was applied on account of the general leeriness of their dispositions.
  • We will indulge in all those miscellaneous commercial operations, which when conducted on a small scale are called thieving, but a large scale, financing.