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Herbert von Karajan conducting in 1941

Herbert von Karajan (born Heribert, Ritter von Karajan; 5 April 190816 July 1989) was an Austrian orchestra and opera conductor.


  • If I tell the Berliners to step forward, they do it. If I tell the Viennese to step forward, they do it, but then they ask why.
  • Those who have achieved all their aims probably set them too low.
    • Die 7 Geheimnisse der Dirigenten-Legende in Bild, 4. April 2008
  • A New York City taxi driver asked him where to go; Karajan replied "No matter - I am in demand everywhere."
    • Apocryphal; see New York Times [1]

Quotes about von Karajan[edit]

  • La vie même de Herbert von Karajan est un roman: petit aristocrate salzbourgeois devenu enfant prodige; étudiant viennois bûcheur acharné; chef d'orchestre de province pour qui seule compte la musique.
    • The very life of Herbert von Karajan is a novel: minor aristocrat became Salzburg child prodigy; shard-working Viennese wonk; provincial conductor with sole responsibility for music.
    • Pierre-Jean Rémy: Karajan: La biographie (2007), opening words.

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