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The Hercules 1998 TV series takes place during Hercules' adolescent years. He refers to himself as "a hero in training" where he is trained by Phil. Hercules attends the Prometheus Academy school with his best friends Icarus and Cassandra.


(When Icarus finds out his father is marrying Miss Thespius.)

Icarus: And don't accuse me of some evil, diabolical plan to get rid of Miss Thespius!

Hercules: Evil, diabolical plan?!

Icarus: Did I jump ahead?

Hercules: Icarus, you're not gonna do something stupid are you?

Icarus: Why no! (Laughs manically.)

Hercules: Hey! You’re laughing evilly!

Icarus: Oh! I mean... ha, ha, ha, haaa. Better?

(Hercules and Icarus see Pandora trying to get her lunch box out of her locker and evil spirits come flying out of it.)

Icarus: Hey! Pandora! Do you own anything that isn't jammed with all the miseries that torment mankind?

Pandora: Err, not really. It's my thing.

(The lunch box shakes violently and makes angry noises.)

Icarus: Hey! Wait a minute, that's it! (Laughs manically.)

Hercules: Hey, you’re laughing evilly again!

Icarus: Oh, right! I meant... ha, ha, ha. Better?

(When Icarus is trying to stop his Dad getting married.)

Cassandra: Icarus, you sound like a crazy person! I know I say that a lot, but this time I mean it.

Hercules: You always mean it.

Cassandra: Ok, but this time I mean it mean it.

Daedalus: (about Icarus) Can you talk some sense into him?

Hercules: I’m a demi-god not a miracle worker!

(When Adonis is forcing Icarus to get him a drink instead of geting it himself.)

Hercules: I'm going to talk to Adonis about this, it's just not fair!

Cassandra: Life got fair? Why wasn't I told?

(When Hercules is trying to disuade Icarus from kissing Cassandra.)

Hercules: It's great that you're relationship is just friendly, you know, platonic.

Icarus: Oh, Plato's a prude!

(After Cassandra kissed Icarus to wake him from the eternal sleep.)

Cassandra: First and last, Icarus! First and last!

Icarus: Oh, come on! One more! I was asleep the first time!

Cassandra's mother: Cassie! There's an armed youth and a flying horse here to see you!

Aphrodite: Tuh! When are you people going to learn? Love is like plumbing, ok? Very complex, usually messy and best left to professionals.

(When Hercules is going on a secret spy mission.)

Hercules: I've got to go. Remember, don't tell a soul.

Icarus: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Mum's the word, buddy. If anybody asks I never heard of ya. OK! GOOD LUCK WITH THE SPYIN'!

(When Hercules meets Cassandra for the first time.)

Hercules: Nice to meet you, Cassandra.

(He holds out his hand to shake and she takes it.)

Cassandra: I doubt it, but it's polite of you to say so.

Cassandra: Maturity!

Icarus: Perhaps the greatest foe of all!

Member of POOTLS: (To the students) We are the Peoples' Organisation Of Titanic Liberators. And you boys and girls are our hostages.

Icarus: Oooh! I always wanted to be a hostage! It's so edgy! The bewilderment! The unspeakable mind bending terror!

Cassandra: Actually, it's a lot like hanging out with you.

(When it's believed Icarus defeated the Nemean Lion.)

Oliver factory owner: Brave lad, you don't know fear, do you?

Icarus: Well, we're acquaintances.

Icarus: (to the captive Nemean lion) I'm bad, you're sad! I'm tough, you're bluff! I'm... something and you're the negative of that something, buddy!

Athena: Smartly done, Hercules.
[She puts her hands on her hips and looks smugly at Ares]
Athena: I meant for him to do that.
Ares: You did not! You're alway- wait. Hercules? That's... He's... Sport is Zeus' little boy?
[Athena nods]
Ares: I was gonna execute Zeus' kid?
Athena: Mm-hm.
[She laughs and vanishes. Ares looks up in fear as Zeus throws a thunderbolt at him]

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