Here Comes Peter Cottontail

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Here Comes Peter Cottontail is a 1971 television special about the new Easter Bunny, who must save Easter from the hands of the malicious Irontail with the help of a time machine.

Directed by Jules Bass. Written by Thornton Burgess, based on the 1957 novel The Easter Bunny That Overslept by Priscilla and Otto Friedrich.

Col. Wellington B. Bunny[edit]

  • Therefore, I have decided that whoever delivers the most eggs tomorrow, Easter, will be the new ruler of April Valley!
  • Peter Cottontail, you have shown great ingenuity. And therefore... [Clears his throat] You have won the right to be official Chief Easter Bunny!

Seymour S. Sassafras[edit]

  • But Peter was so sure he'd win the next day, that instead of getting lots of sleep, he had a big party with all his friends, and it was very late when he finally went to bed.
  • You see? That was magic bubble gum, guaranteed to seal the lips of an alarm clock rooster. Those bubbles cock-a-doodle-dooed so far away that Peter never heard them. He slept on and on and on all through Easter day.
  • That's exactly what Irontail said, and he meant it. Here, see for yourself.


Col. Wellington B. Bunny: Wait! Peter Cottontail! Just a moment, now here's a likely candidate.
Colonel Bunny's Assistant: Well, I really don't think Cottontail's your man, sir. I mean, he is boastful, he has no sense of responsibility, and sometimes - sometimes, he fibs.
Colonel Bunny: Oh, well, I know he's not perfect, but he's got real spunk and ingenuity. Reminds me of me when I was his age.

Peter Cottontail: But - I-I never dreamed I'd get to be Chief Easter Bunny!
[his ear droops]
Col. Wellington B. Bunny: Peter, you're telling a fib. Every time you tell a fib, your left ear droops.
Peter Cottontail: Oh... [chuckles nervously] Well, I guess I did think about the job once or twice. [his ear inches halfway back up] Uh, lots of times. [his ear springs straight up]
Colonel Bunny: Peter... good heavens, Peter, my boy, you've got to shape up and reform if you want to be Chief Easter Bunny.

Peter Cottontail: George Washington always had green eggs. Why, they were traditional at Mount Vernon, when he chopped down the uh... lime tree? [his ear droops]
Woman: Washington couldn't tell a fib. I can't say the same for Georgie bunnies.


  • Casey Kasem — Peter Cottontail
  • Danny Kaye — Seymour S. Sassafrass / Colonel Wellington B. Bunny / Antoine
  • Vincent Price — January Q. Irontail
  • Joan Gardner — Bonnie Bonnet / Madame Esmerelda the Halloween witch / Bonnet store owner / Mother
  • Paul Frees — Colonel Wellington's assistant / Man at Thanksgiving table / Santa Claus / Fireman / Alarm clock rooster
  • Iris Rainer — Donna

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