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Hermie and Friends is a Christian kids series revolving around bugs.

Hermie: A Common Caterpillar (2003)[edit]

  • [Hermie is imagining he is flying around in a hang glider. He zooms past a daisy which loses almost all of its petals. Then he makes a beeline through the grass.]
  • Hermie: (sees tree in his way) Oh, look at that tree! I... tree? Oh no! Hey! Oh! Whoa! Hey! AAAAAH!!! Whoooooa!!! HEY!!!
  • [As Hermie's imagination ended, Hermie had crashed into a stem of a plant.]

  • Orange and Green Caterpillar: Hi, Hermie!
  • Hermie: Oh. Hello. Ooooh! Wow!
  • [Hermie sees the Orange and Green Caterpillar's lovely stripes. Hermie looks at his body, but he doesn't have stripes.]
  • Hermie: Oh boy.
  • Milt: Hi, Hermie!
  • Hermie: Hi. Oh, hey, Milt. Can I ask you a question?
  • Milt: Sure, whatever.
  • Hermie: Well, how would you describe me?

Buzby: the Misbehaving Bee (2005)[edit]

The Straight Path (2005)[edit]

  • [Hermie and Wormie walk on the straight path in time for Schneider's dance party.]
  • Wormie: Did you bring the party favors?
  • Hermie: Party favors. [blows his party favor]
  • Wormie: Did you bring the dip?
  • Hermie: Veggie dip.
  • Wormie: How about invitation
  • Hermie: [eats the veggie dip] Veggie dip.
  • Wormie: I said, "invitation".
  • Hermie: [pauses] I thought you had it.

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