Hey There, It's Yogi Bear!

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Hey There, It's Yogi Bear! is a 1964 American animated musical comedy based upon Hanna-Barbera's animated television show The Yogi Bear Show.

Directed and produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Screenplay by William Hanna, Joseph Barbera and Warren Foster.
HEY THERE! Here's a whole NEW world of wonderful entertainment just for YOU...and YOU...and YOU! taglines

Yogi Bear[edit]

  • He's turning this park into a boot camp, with me getting the boot.


Yogi Bear: [on the Ranger's phone] Hello? Hello? Is this the White House?
Ranger Smith: Yogi!
Yogi Bear: Hey, the President knows my name.

Boo-Boo Bear: But Yogi, the Ranger's not going to like it.
Yogi Bear: What's not to like about Robin Hood? I'll steal from the rich and give to a poor bear: me. Stay here, Friar Boo-Boo.
[Yogi peeks through the window of a cafe]
Yogi Bear: A goodly bunch having lunch.
[He shoots an arrow through the window, spearing various items]
Yogi Bear: Shish-kaboob, Bob-Bob... I mean, shish kabob, Boo-Boo.
Boo-Boo Bear: What are you going to do with it, Yogi?
Yogi Bear: Down the hatch, but natch.

[Ranger Smith is showing a "Do Not Feed The Bears" sign to Yogi]
Ranger Smith: Read this sign.
Yogi Bear: [deliberately reading incorrectly] Uh, "No Smoking In The Forest"?
Ranger Smith: You know what it says, Yogi, and it applies to all the bears, especially you!
Yogi Bear: Uh, yes, sir.

Cindy Bear: It's the time for whispering sweet nothings in one's ear.
Yogi Bear: Now that I can oblige.
Cindy Bear: Oh, Yogi.
Yogi Bear: Nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Nothing. And because you're such a good kid, here's another nothing, for nothing.


  • HEY THERE! Here's a whole NEW world of wonderful entertainment just for YOU...and YOU...and YOU!
  • Hey There! It's the funniest bear anywhere... in his first full-length feature!!
  • Hey there! It's the BEAR FACTS OF LIFE... as Yogi turns the screen into a 3-ring circus of Mirth, Music and Madness!
  • Yogi's first full-length feature!
  • In YOGI color


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