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Highlander: The Series (1992–1998) was an English language fantasy/sci-fi television series featuring Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul), of the Scottish Clan MacLeod, as the Highlander of the title

Season One[edit]

  • Original narration, read by Adrian Paul:

I am Duncan MacLeod, born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am Immortal and I am not alone. For centuries we've waited for the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword and a fall of a head will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.

  • Second narration, for the second half of the First Season (also by Adrian Paul):

I was born four hundred years ago in the Highlands of Scotland. I am immortal and I am not alone. Now is the time of the Gathering, when the stroke of a sword will release the power of the Quickening. In the end, there can be only one.

Bad Day In Building A [1.07][edit]

(Duncan is telling a little girl a story in a compromised building.)
Duncan MacLeod: Once there was this place where the faerie-people lived. It was a beautiful city in those days, surrounded by white walls, and tall stone towers...
Little girl, Belinda: What were they like?
Duncan: Oh, they were like regular people, except they lived for a very long time, and they never grew old.
Belinda: Like Peter Pan!
Duncan: Yeah, sort of. Well, the fairies...were handsome, and wise, and very, very clever. The problem was, as time went on, there were more and more people, and soon the faerie people had to leave this home in the faerie city. They moved into the mountains, and into the old forests, and in the caves, and in the cliffs, but the other people always found these places, so the faerie people had to move on.
Belinda: That's sad. Where do they live now?
Duncan: Oh, Belinda, they're all around us, and you know what their job is? It's to protect children, and sometimes tell them stories.
Belinda: Have you ever met one?
Duncan: Oh, lots.

The Sea Witch [1.09][edit]

Duncan MacLeod: You have not changed.
Alexey Voshin: No, did you expected me to?
Duncan: No, that's why I'm here.

Melinda: He's gonna be ok?
Tessa: I don't know.

Tessa: I'm going to think about both of you for a long time.

Tessa: Bad money put to good use.

Tessa: I'm going to think about both of you for a long time.

Tessa: I am going to miss you, Melinda, very very much. I'll always remember you.
Melinda: Promise?
Tessa: You see, I am going to save you right here. (in her heart)

See No Evil [1.11][edit]

Randi McFarland: (to Duncan) Surprise, surprise! Another weird murder attempt and you're right here in the middle of it.

Randi: Come on, MacLeod, you were here. Give me a quote.
Duncan MacLeod: Those who forget the past are condemned to relive it.

[She is crying]
Tessa Noël: I just keep seeing him in front of me as I ... (ran him over with a car)
Duncan: You did what you had to.
Tessa: I thought ridding the world of evil would feel better than this.
Duncan: I know... I know.

Eyewitness [1.12][edit]

Richie: Whoa! Damn, check me out, I am one sharp dude!
Tessa Noël: Even if you do say so yourself.
Richie: Hey, Tess, I'm just callin em as I see em.

Tessa: I stay with you because I want to! I won't run. I'm not that "little woman", and I'll never be barefoot and pregnant! We all have things to face. This is mine. I have to see it through.

Duncan MacLeod: Tessa, you're stronger than she was. If something happened to me, you'd be fine.
Tessa: You only think so because it suits you.

Tessa: Duncan, when the time comes, if you ever have to leave me, (Duncan groans) I won't be like Ann, I'll leave you first.
Duncan: You do that!
Tessa: Yeah?
[they kiss]
Duncan: Yeah! And I'll follow you, wherever you go, for as long as you live.
Tessa: Mmmm... Then maybe, just maybe, I won't leave.

Band of Brothers [1.13][edit]

Grayson: I shall hunt down your proteges, one by one, until you sicken of it and come out of sanctuary to fight me.
Darius: Will it please you that much to destroy me?
Grayson: Immensely.

Darius: Grayson! You believed in me once.
Grayson: I didn't change, you did.

Richie: So what makes this Grayson guy so different from the others?
Duncan MacLeod: He's 1400 years older than I am. He's one of the few ancient Immortals left. He's been a warlord most of that time. You don't just go up to him with your sword and say "Tsst, tsst, tsst! En garde, fool!".

Duncan: The legend has it that Darius killed a holy man at the gates of Paris, the oldest living Immortal at the time. And suddenly he changed. He turned his back on war.

Richie: Did Darius ever change you?
Duncan: Yeah, I guess he did. I was born of a warrior people. When war came I chose sides like most men. I fought. I killed.

[Flashback to Waterloo, 1815]
Darius: You shouldn't be taking part in this tragedy.
Duncan: I was raised a warrior. I choose battles I believe to be just.
Darius: Oh, I'm sure. You're quite loyal to your convictions and compatriots... But I wonder what these (dead) men think about that, about convictions and compatriotism now?

[Duncan's thoughts as he prepares for battle]
Hope doesn't conquer a superior adversary. So why do I hope to beat Grayson? Why do I think that a good life will protect me from an evil one? What power can I draw from this thing, this hope?

Victor Paulus: You've saved my life again. Why are you... who are you?
Duncan: I'm a friend of Darius.
Victor: You didn't learn this (fighting) from Darius.
Duncan: I wasn't much of a student.

Darius: I wasn't always a priest, you know. When I was a young man the first thing you had to do when introduced to a woman was compliment her father's horse. (Richie looks doubtful) Well, that probably doesn't help you.

Duncan: It's a good job, huh?
Tessa Noël: Great job.
Duncan: Great. I like being kept.
Tessa: Kept?
Duncan: Yeah, I mean, hang out on the barge, catch up on my reading, while you bring home the bacon.
Tessa: Barge, what barge?
Duncan: Oh I forgot to tell you about the barge. No self-respecting museum curator would live anywhere else.
Tessa: So I slave away all day while you sunbathe on a barge. Is that it?
Duncan: Yeah, but just think of how ... rested I'll be. He he he...

For Evil's Sake [1.14][edit]

[Flashback to about 1800]
Baron Deshields: Absinthe?
Kuyler: From the Luchessi family. None better in the whole of France.
Deshields: No, thank you. Madness and death are not things to which I aspire.
Kuyler: Who wants to live forever?

Duncan MacLeod: Do you have any, uh, any absinthe?
storekeeper: It is against the law to sell absinthe.
Duncan: (displays money) Well, uh, to connoissuers... (more money) true men of discretion... (more money) such things can be made unimportant.
shopkeeper: I wish I could help you.
Duncan: Me too... (more money)
shopkeeper: Who sent you here?
Duncan: A friend whose tastes I share.

Kuyler: Incidentally, I owe you an apology. Anthony was very sloppy. I killed him for you.
Duncan: You're mad, Kuyler.
Kuyler: Maybe. Maybe I'm just trying to excel at what I do. Didn't you ever want to be the best at something?
Duncan: Murder means nothing to you?
Kuyler: On the contrary, it means everything.

Kuyler: Do you know how many Mortals I've killed over the years?
Duncan: I'm sure you do.
Kuyler: I've kept a book. 2760. Now I don't just think I'm bragging, but, I'm the greatest assassin in all of history. Of course, there have been men responsible for more deaths, but none of them killed so many, so close.
Duncan: I don't think there are going to be any more entries in your book.

For Tomorrow We Die [1.15][edit]

Darius: Why are you here?
Xavier St. Cloud: I've come to confess. Same as everyone else. Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
Darius: I will not hear this.
Xavier: You are a priest, and I am a sinner. Isn't that how it goes? Or have you reinvented the position?
Darius: Why do this? It means nothing to you.
Xavier: Because it means everything to you.

Dalou: Parisians don't mind a little larceny now and then. If it's done with ingenuity, no one gets hurt.

Inspector LeBrun: If this man kills again because you're holding out on me, I will personally have your head.
Duncan MacLeod: Well I think your gonna have to wait in line.

Richie: Mac, you ever had it bad for an older woman?
Duncan: Well, the situation hasn't come up recently.

Xavier: I'm just trying to earn a few francs. After all, a man's gotta live.
Duncan: Not necessarily.
[They fight]

Saving Grace [1.17][edit]

Darius: War in the abstract is a great intellectual puzzle, but in reality it's all blood and tears.
Duncan MacLeod: Then why make it into a game?
Darius: To deny what I was is to deny what I am.

Grace Chandel: God, I get so tired of it sometimes. We go on and everything around us dies.

Tessa Noël: Do you still love her?
Duncan: No.
Tessa: That's all that needs to be said. She's your friend, and she's been hurt. You'll help her. I'd expect you to do no less.

Grace: The truth is, you and I were too different.
Duncan: Maybe if I'd stayed.
Grace: You would've been unhappy. So I let you go. My wandering knight, charging off to right all the wrongs of the world.

[At her husband's grave]
Grace: You'd think I'd learn how to handle this, wouldn't you. The strange thing is, every time it happens I tell myself I won't go through it again. I swear to myself I won't fall in love with a mortal. As if love were something you had any control over. You and Mac have something good. I envy you.
Tessa: Grace, about you and Mac...
Grace: We had a moment, that was all. Though I wanted it to be more. Please don't hold it against me.
Tessa: It's funny, but I don't. It would take me several lifetimes to find out everything in Duncan's past. I know there have been others. But I never thought I would meet one of them. And here you are.

The Lady and the Tiger [1.18][edit]

Tessa Noël: You don't look like someone who would worry much about forgiveness.
Richie: Tess, you do know that they all carry big swords with them. Just a thought.
Amanda: You've always had a taste for beautiful and spirited women, Duncan.
Tessa: And modest. Don't forget modest.
Duncan MacLeod: Time to go. It's been thrilling.
Amanda: It's been 65 years. A girl might think you're trying to avoid her.
Duncan: Now how could you think that? Goodbye, Amanda.

[She sent him to prison, now he's escaped and has her helpless]
Zachary Blaine: Do you know what I missed most... was the feeling of a good, old fashioned Quickening. SShhhh!!
Amanda: Wait!
Zachary: No, after what you did to me, you can't come up with a reason good enough.
Amanda: I can give you ten million reasons, in American dollars.
Zachary: Funny, you'd think that would be enough. (prepares to kill her)
Amanda: I can give you the head of Duncan MacLeod!

Amanda: I gave up my life of crime, Duncan.
Duncan: That's what you said in Constantinople, 250 years ago.
Amanda: I succumbed to an impulse.
Duncan: I was nearly flayed alive when they came looking for you.
Amanda: But you got away. You always do.

Tessa: After all she's done to you, why do you care whether she's happy or not?
Duncan: I don't know, Tessa. She made me laugh when there weren't too many things to laugh about. Maybe that doesn't seem important, but those are the things I remember of her.
Tessa: She makes me feel like I have to compete with her. Maybe if I'd been a lady pirate or something....
Duncan: whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Richie, give us a moment, would you?
Richie: I was just leaving. [He leaves]
Duncan: Hey, listen to me young lady, she's no competition. Hmmm?
[They kiss]

Zachary: Why try to save her, MacLeod? She's betrayed you before.
Duncan: At least I'm smart enough to stay out of jail.
[They fight]

Season Two[edit]

He is immortal, born in the Highlands of Scotland four hundred years ago. He is not alone. There are others like him, some good, some evil. For centuries he has battled the forces of Darkness, with Holy Ground his only refuge. He cannot die, unless you take his head and with it, his power. In the end there can be only one. He is Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander.

An Eye For an Eye [2.5][edit]

Duncan MacLeod: She (Tessa) was part of our lives, Richie. Never pretend she wasn't.
Richie: I don't! I keep waking up every morning...
Duncan: ...expecting her to be there. Get used to it, it won't be the last time it happens to you.
Richie: When does this start getting easier?
Duncan: It doesn't.

Richie: I keep waiting to feel different. Like someone's going to tell me how to be, what to do.
Duncan: What were you expecting, a set of instructions?

[Flashback to Ireland, 1920]
Annie Devlin: Why don't you stay? It will be a beautiful war.
Duncan: War is never beautiful, Annie. Leave with me. This will never end.
Annie: It will when we win. Or when there's no one left alive to fight.

[Referring to his fight with Annie]
Richie: I could have killed her, Mac. I mean, that's what I'm supposed to do, right?
Duncan: Sometimes.
Richie: I couldn't do it. I thought I could, but I couldn't. Maybe I'm just not cut out for this.
Duncan: You're still who you are, Richie. You don't change when you become Immortal, you just live longer. Hopefully.
Richie: Oh, boy, I'd say I got a lot to learn.
Duncan: You still have time.
[Duncan presents Richie with a sword]
Duncan: Take good care of it. Live with it. Make it part of you. Might be the only friend you have.

The Zone [2.6][edit]

Duncan MacLeod: You know, there's a problem with thinking the strongest can take what they want.
Caanan: Yeah, what's that?
Duncan: There's always somebody stronger.

The Return of Amanda [2.7][edit]

Amanda: You know, you won't let me change. You really expect me to steal, don't you?
Duncan MacLeod: I expect sharks to bite, too. Don't take it personally.

Amanda: I really do like you, Duncan. Let's just play house for 70 or 80 years.

Duncan: Who were those guys?
Amanda: I swear on my mother's grave...
Duncan: You don't have a mother.

Amanda: Why won't you believe me? I've never seen those guys before in my life.
Duncan: Funny, they seemed to know you.

[Amanda wants to know why Duncan is smiling]
Duncan: Why can't I just smile? I'm happy, we're safe for now, I've just made love to the most devious, scheming, deceitful... beautiful woman in history.
Amanda: Do you really think I'm one of the most beautiful women in history?

Amanda: I told you, I'm not a thief any more.
Duncan: So you turned to counterfeiting instead?
Amanda: Well, I ran out of money, what else am I supposed to do?
Duncan: Oh, a job is out of the question.
Amanda: Would you get serious, MacLeod.

Duncan: Wait, wait, counterfeiting and honesty, they go well together, right?
Amanda: Don't be so picky, my heart was in the right place.

Run for your Life [2.09][edit]

Carl: Maybe it's just time for old Carl to move on, man.
Duncan: And do what?
Carl: Hey, I'll get by. You just take care of yourself.
Duncan: You still don't get it, do you?! You are an immortal. You have something other people will never have: time, and the ability to make the difference. No, listen to me, man! Listen to me! You can do whatever you want, be whatever you want! You can live the dream. Most people grow old and die before they can do that.

Under Color of Authority [2.12][edit]

Mako: I always thought that you were a man that respected the law.
Duncan MacLeod: I like to see justice done.

Duncan: A man can't always live by the law.
Mako: A man cannot live any other way.

Mako: I have been a lawman for almost 600 years. Even before I was Immortal. I have seen cities burned, I have seen children slaughtered. Law is what separates us from the beast. When we leave it, we leave a hole with no bottom.

Laura: You don't exactly trust me, much, now do you?
Duncan: I don't know you.
Laura: So you don't believe me.
Duncan: No, I believe that you're frightened, and I believe that you're running from something. I'm just not sure what.

Duncan: When you're young and you care about someone, you think with your heart. You don't see clearly.
Laura: I don't know why you're so worried about Richie. I mean, you act like you're his father or something.
Duncan: I'm not his father, Laura, but he is like family to me.

Mako: I'm looking for a girl.
Duncan: Try working on your personality.

Duncan: Richie, where is this going from here? What happens if you are out on the road and a cop recognizes her? What are you going to do, kill him? How far is this going to go, Richie?
Richie: I don't know, Mac, I don't know! All I know is, I gotta help her, Mac. Mac, she needs me.

Legacy [2.19][edit]

[John is mortal. Rebecca is not.]
John: Promise me something. You will leave me before I get too old.
Rebecca: You are in a good mood today!
John: Well, I'm serious. Listen, Rebecca, you deserve a younger man.
Rebecca: I have a younger man. I have what I want.
John: There's two things...
Rebecca: John, you are the love of my life. You're the love of a dozen lifetimes. I don't care if you are 23, or 53, or 103. I am never going to leave you. Ever.

Amanda: MacLeod, do you ever wonder what it is like to die?
Duncan MacLeod: Every time.
Amanda: That's not what I meant.
Duncan: I know, you meant really die. Be gone forever.
Amanda: So you do think about it.
Duncan: Not for myself. Not any more. Whatever happens, happens.
Amanda: I don't know. The longer I live the more I get attached to myself.
Duncan: Sooner or later everyone dies. Even us.
Amanda: I don't mind the later, it's the sooner part I don't like.

[Flashback to 1635]
Amanda: Why take a man's head when you can have his gold?
Rebecca: Amanda!
Amanda: What? You taught me to be clever.
Rebecca: I also taught you to be honest.
Amanda: Ah yes, I forget that part.

Amanda: Hmmmm. Breakfast in bed. You better watch it, MacLeod. They say this is how love starts.

Duncan: Was the crystal really worth Rebecca's life?
Luther: It's worth any amount of lives.
Duncan: Whoever has the crystal becomes invincible. Is that it?
Luther: So you know.
Duncan: It's a myth, Luther. A story told by bored people around campfires.

Amanda: You stuck your nose in without being asked, the least you could do is say you're sorry.
Duncan: What, for saving your life?
Amanda: Oh don't change the subject!

Season Three[edit]

The Samurai [3.1][edit]

Charlie DeSalvo: You got a visitor.
Duncan MacLeod: But I'm not even here yet.

Duncan: Walk out that door and you won't know if this is the right place or not.

Duncan: I've gotta go to Japan.
Charlie: Japan?
Duncan: Yeah, you know. Land of the Rising Sun. Hai!
Charlie: You just got back!
Duncan: That was Paris. It's a different continent.
Charlie: Very funny, MacLeod.
Duncan: I'll give you the air miles.

Charlie: How long have you been gone?
Duncan: Six months.
Charlie: Yeah right, so for six months, everything is quiet. I don't even get a hangnail. And all of a sudden you show up and I'm fighting to save my teeth.
Duncan: Don't thank me all at once, Charlie.

Duncan: Sometimes it's not the body you have to protect... it's the spirit.

[Flashback to Japan, 1778]
Duncan: But there must be some other way! We can get a boat and leave Japan...
Hideo Koto: I could no more run than I could fly. Koto is a noble Samurai name... a name I have been honored to borrow. To dishonor it for all who follow me would be unthinkable.

Line of Fire [3.2][edit]

Duncan MacLeod: Let me know when you've found the formula.
Richie: The formula?
Duncan: For getting in shape without training.

[Richie believes he has a son]

Duncan: Immortals can't have children.
Richie: Exactly Mac, this happened before I became an immortal.
Duncan: That's not the way it works.
Richie: Maybe I'm the first.
Duncan: I wish it could happen. But it's not in the cards. We don't get to live happily ever after. Children aren't part of our lives...it can't happen.
Richie: It just did.

Father Matthew: Ah, Paris... The city of my youth. I was there in '72. What a summer. [remembering] All those women, all that wine... Of course, that was before I entered the priesthood.
Duncan and Richie: Of course.

Richie: I didn't know if I'd find you alive. What the hell happened?
Duncan: I lived.
Richie: Very funny. And the other guy?
Duncan: He lived too.

[In Joe's bar]

Joe: Hey MacLeod, what do you think? Is it me?
Duncan: The truth? I'd say it's a little out of character.
Joe: You know, I wasn't born in a museum. In fact, I'm kinda tired of hanging around old antiques like you. Look at me, I'm growing old.

[Richie enters the dojo covered with grunge and tomatoes]

Duncan: I think you need some oil and vinegar.
Richie: I'm lucky I didn't need a funeral.

The Revolutionary [3.3][edit]

Anne Lindsey: [to Paul Karros] You can be St. Francis of Assisi... and I still would not let you to turn my hospital into a zoo.[to Reporters] Now ladies and gentlemen, it's a bit early for Happy Hour so please go!

Anne: I said everybody.
Duncan MacLeod: Oh, you mean me?
Anne: Unless you're the one with the special dispensation from the Pope.
Duncan: Must've left it in my other pants.
Anne: We have a wonderful hearing specialist upstairs, you want a referral?
Duncan: Pardon?
Anne: Forget it. Get out, go!

Charlie DeSalvo: [to MacLeod] It's funny. This time I'm the one leaving with the girl, and you're stuck here running the dojo.

The Cross of St. Antoine [3.4][edit]

Duncan MacLeod: Joe, I want you to meet Amanda. Amanda... Joe Dawson.
Joe The Amanda..? You know, I've heard an awful lot about you.
Amanda: I'll bet you have. I hear you're one of those guys who likes to watch.
Joe: It's clinical. For history. We don't get involved.
Amanda: Well, tell me... Do you watch us do... everything?
Joe: Only the things I can't get arrested for.
Amanda: [to MacLeod] I like this guy.

Amanda: I've lived a long time, Joe. What goes around comes around.
Joe: You really believe that's true?
Amanda: I believe it should be.

Duncan: [to Thorne] Murdering a priest is an interesting way to find religion.

Duncan: I need you to help me break into the museum.
Amanda: You want me to WHAT?! I knew you were up to something. For three hundred years you've been telling me to go legit. Now that I'm straight, you want me to steal.
Duncan: You hate your job.
Amanda: That's not the point.
Duncan: In a good cause.
Amanda: Don't you look at me like that. No, I'm retired. You wouldn't ask an alcoholic to take a drink for a good cause.

[Joe's taking a revolver from a drawer]

Duncan: You can't kill him with that, Joe.
Joe: I know, but I can sure as hell slow him down until I can.
Duncan: You won't get close enough to use it. Let me do this... For both of us.

[Joe's bar, Dawson is up on the stage, singing the blues. Duncan and Amanda stand in the shadows, watching and listening]

Amanda: Did you know he could do that?
Duncan: No. [with irony] You know, It's funny. The man knows more about me than anyone else alive, yet I hardly know anything about him..
Amanda: God, to sing like that...he must have had a helluva life.
Duncan: Probably...
Amanda: You want to ask him about it?
Duncan: No... when he's ready, he'll tell me.

Rite of Passage [3.5][edit]

Michelle Webster: Whoa, hold up, time out! That was the morgue. I was in the morgue!
Duncan MacLeod: Keep your voice down.
Michelle: Why?
Duncan: Because we are sneaking out of here!
Michelle: No, I mean, why was I in there?
Duncan: Don't worry, you're not dead.
Michelle: Oh, gee, thanks. That explains it.

Michelle: You mean I'm never going to turn nineteen?
Duncan: But you might get to see a thousand.

Michelle: You do know I've always had a thing for you. Since the first time I laid eyes on you.
Duncan: You were eleven years old!
Michelle: I matured early.

Michelle: Oh, so is that what you guys do? Run around chopping each other's heads off?
Duncan: Until there's only one of us left alive.
Michelle: I don't think so.
Duncan: Michelle, I'm not your father and this isn't a fairy tale! Now you either learn the Game, or you die.

Michelle: You know, Duncan, you really have a gift for taking the fun out of eternal life.
Duncan: It'll get better.
Michelle: I sure hope so.
Duncan: No, I mean your... outlook.
Michelle: Oops. Almost slipped. You were gonna say "attitude".
Michelle: You know what, Duncan? That is "Dad speak". And you're pretty lousy at that too.

Obsession [3.8][edit]

Duncan MacLeod: This doesn't make any sense, Richie, he's supposed to be getting married.
Richie: Not unless it's a shotgun wedding. I'm telling you, Mac, she didn't want anything to do with him.

Richie: Mac, you don't understand, one minute the guy was there, and the next, boom, he's trying to take my head. And he wasn't kidding around. I mean, that girl came in, and he just freaked. He totally lost it. Now what the hell is this all about?

Jill: We were happy. Everything seemed so perfect. Then one day I came home and he said "Honey, come here, I have something to show you." And then he took a knife, and he .... [she can't say it]
Duncan: Then he healed.
Jill: He said I had to know... and I wish he'd never told me.
Duncan: He loves you. He had to tell you.
Jill: Mr. MacLeod, I have a picture of how I want my life to be. Kids, grandkids... a family. It may sound stupid, but it's what I see.
Richie: So you called it off.
Jill: But he won't let me. And he won't leave me alone. He nearly beat a guy to death just for talking to me.

Anne Lindsey: This is ridiculous. I'm calling the police.
Duncan: Anne, don't.
Anne: It is the only way, Duncan. You think talking is going to stop this guy? If you think that, spend a Saturday night in the emergency ward with me. These guys do not stop until someone's dead.

Methos [3.16][edit]

Duncan MacLeod: Joe? What's up?
Joe: You've got trouble.
Duncan: How come you never call with good news?

Duncan: Come on, Joe. Methos doesn't exist.He's a legend... like Adam and Eve. The oldest Immortal.
Joe: Oh, he exists all right.
Duncan: Are you telling me you've seen him?
Joe: Me? No. He's an elusive guy. Have to be, to live as long as he has. An Immortal so old he doesn't remember the time of his birth.

Duncan: Five thousand years.
Methos: Yeah, give or take. And that was when I took my first head. Before that, it all starts to blur.
Duncan: I guess it would. So, after all this time, have You... ?
Methos: Made any sense of it all? Found any purpose?
Duncan: You read minds, too?
Methos: No. It's what I'd ask if I'd just met me.

Duncan: Somehow I thought you'd be...
Methos: Deeper? Wiser? Bearded?
Duncan: I didn't really think you existed.
Methos: Ah, it's good to be a myth.
Duncan: Yeah, no one hunts for a myth. Or a Watcher.
Methos: What better place to hide? I'm in charge of finding myself...and I make sure it never happens.

Methos: You think I'd still be around if I was an easy mark?
Duncan: When was the last time you faced anyone?
Methos: What are we? [checking his watch] Sixth of March, uh, two hundred years. Hey, I may be a bit rusty but I'm still here.

Methos: You think I wanna die? Do you think it's easy after thousands of years?

Duncan: So after five thousand years, your only solution is that I kill you?
Methos: He can beat me. He might beat you. He can't beat both of US.
Duncan: If it's that simple, why don't you take my head?
Methos: 'Cause it's not just a matter of who is the best fighter. It is about passion and hate. I don't have the fire. You do. You want Kalas.

Methos: Live, Highlander. Grow stronger...fight another day.

Take Back The Night [3.17][edit]

Duncan MacLeod: You've killed two already. How much is enough?
Ceirdwyn: There were five of them.
Duncan: This isn't the answer.
Ceirdwyn: A body for a body. A head for a head. Since the dawn of time. It's no different now.
Duncan: Revenge does nothing, Ceirdwyn... nothing.

[Speaking to her husband's grave]
Ceirdwyn: I did what I had to do... But you'd think, after all this time, I would have learned... Death is always death. And when someone's gone, nothing can bring them back. Not pain, not rage... not revenge.

[About her dead (mortal) husband]
Duncan: You going to be OK?
Ceirdywn: No, not for a long time... I'm not going to forget him, you know? But it was worth it. For the fifteen years we had together, I'll trade fifteen years of pain. I'd trade a hundred!
Duncan: But what about the price they pay? No family, living in secrecy... waiting for the night you go out and you never come back. Maybe we're not supposed to be with them.
Ceirdwyn: They're not children, MacLeod. They make their own decisions. Steven knew what I was, and he chose to be with me.

Testimony [3.18][edit]

[Anne examines a Scottish broadsword]
Anne Lindsey: You fought the battle of Culloden with this? That was in 1746.
Duncan MacLeod: I know, it's hard to accept. I thought coming here might help. That was a gift from Bonnie Prince Charlie. I claimed it after he died.

Anne: It's like a fairy tale, with swords and people living forever.
Duncan: Not always.
Anne: That's right, the heads. Do you really have to do that?
Duncan: Yeah.

Anne: Duncan, I've seen death. And I'm not afraid of it. Whatever happens, I want us to be together.
Duncan: Your whole life will never be the same.
Anne: My whole life has not been the same since the day I met you. I tried it with you. I've tried it without you. I'll take it with you any day.

Kristov: I'll kill you in a second, boy. Leave while you've still got your head.
Richie: There's only one thing I hate more than being called a "boy". And that's your stupid paintings.
[They fight]

Richie: I'd kiss you, but people might talk.
Duncan: They might.

Anne: So, is this the way it's always going to be?
Duncan: I don't know. I can't see into the future. Can you live with it?
Anne: I don't know. But I'd really like to try.

Finale, Part One [3.21][edit]

Duncan MacLeod: Amanda?
Amanda: Gotta hand it to you, MacLeod...You've got a memory like an elephant.
Duncan: Amanda, what are you doing here? Besides making a fashion statement.
Amanda: You like it?... I'm making you dinner...

Duncan: Come on, Amanda, give. What do you really want?
Amanda: Just to make you happy.
Duncan: Why?
Amanda: So you won't kill me when I tell you what happened.

Duncan: What the hell are you doing here?
Amanda: Came to hear some jazz.
Duncan: Jazz.
Amanda: You know, American music. Miles, Coltrane, Wynton...[off his look] Alright, I was looking for you. [his look doesn't change] Alright, I was looking for Kalas! You know you can really be irritating sometimes?

Joe: That went well. What the hell were you thinking of?
Methos: I wasn't thinking, I was improvising.
Joe: By cutting yourself open? And it took you five thousand years to figure that out.
Methos: You're disappointed in me, aren't you? Gimme a break. What were you expecting? Einstein? Freud? Buddha?
Joe: Forget it.
Methos: Sorry, Joe. I'm just a guy.

Amanda: It's morning. I'm tired. It's hopeless. We'll never find him. Our only lead back to Kalas and you had to kill him.
Duncan: I told you, I didn't kill him. He fell.
Amanda: On his gun?
Duncan: Yes!
Amanda: And it went off just like that.
Duncan: Just like that.

Methos: Well. Life as we know it is over.

Finale, Part Two [3.22][edit]

[Looking down from the Eiffel Tower]

Amanda: Remember when Gustave Eiffel built this thing?
Duncan MacLeod: World's Fair, 1889. Half the people thought it would ruin Paris forever. There were fist-fights all along the Champs Elysees.
Amanda: Now you can't imagine Paris without it.

[About going to see the editor of the Tribune]

Methos: I've got a lot to offer. Five thousand years of history, Joe...I was there.
Joe: History's been written. People have been known to kill the messenger who waltzes in with a new version of the truth.
Methos: Why would I tell the truth?

[On the outer railing of the Eiffel Tower]

Amanda: C'mon, MacLeod... Haven't you ever wanted to do something really crazy?
Duncan: Amanda, be careful. We don't fly.
Amanda: Have you ever tried? Relax. Whatever happens, I'll survive.

Kalas: MacLeod. It seems you're always a day late and a dollar short.

[After Macleod lets Kalas go]

Amanda: You should have killed him. You had him... I can't believe you let him go!
Duncan: It's not that simple, Amanda...
Amanda: I'll tell you what's simple. Dead is simple.

Methos: I was in Rome once. 93 A.D., the Coliseum... I saw Christians facing the lions. Some of them looked almost happy to die for their faith.
Duncan: Your point? Or are you just strolling down Memory Lane here?
Methos: But afterwards, the only ones looking happy were the lions
Duncan: This isn't about faith.
Methos: No, it's about sacrifice. It's a helluva thing to be a martyr, MacLeod... And that's exactly what Kalas wants. He's pushing all your buttons.
Duncan: Well, I'm open to suggestions. Enlighten me.
Methos: Maybe Amanda's right. You fight your best fight.
Duncan: [sarcastic] What? Every man for himself and to hell with the rest?
Methos: So what if the world finds out? Life's about change. Civilizations rise and fall.
Duncan: This isn't about civilization, this is about people! Amanda, Dawson, Richie... Our world isn't an ant farm.
Methos: [with a touch of admiration and humor] The passion of youth.
Duncan: [with a sense of humor] Boys will be boys.
Methos: And every cloud has a silver lining.
Duncan: What do you mean?
Methos: If you die, Amanda will be free to date.
Duncan: That's a comfort.

Season Four[edit]

  • Fourth and final version of the narration (also by Jim Byrnes):

He is Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander. Born in 1592 in the Highlands of Scotland and he is still alive. He is immortal. For four hundred years he's been a warrior, a lover, a wanderer, constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death. The winner takes his enemy's head and with it, his power. I'm a Watcher, part of the secret society of men and women who observe and record, but never interfere. We know the truth about Immortals. In the end there can be only one. May it be Duncan MacLeod, The Highlander.

Homeland [4.1][edit]

[At his parents' graves]
Rachel MacLeod: I'm Rachel MacLeod, and those are my ancestors you're standing on.
Duncan MacLeod: Well, mine too, I'm Duncan MacLeod.
Rachel: Another one. Let me guess, you're here to find you Highland roots.
Duncan: I didn't know I'd lost them.

Rachel: Och, if it isn't the clansman. What can I get you? Haggis? Maybe a kilt?
Duncan: An ale would do just fine. Are the people of Glenfinnan always this friendly?
Rachel: We're friendly enough, just careful of strangers.
Duncan: Really. And since when is a MacLeod a stranger in Glenfinnan?

Duncan: All this for an ax?!
Kanwulf: An ax? An ax made by the Gods, MacLeod. Used by Loki and Thor themselves.
Duncan: You can't still believe that.
Kanwulf: As much as they believe in their pale Christ.

[At night. Duncan takes his father's sword down from the wall]
Rachel: He came back from the dead, claimed his father's sword, killed the Viking, and stopped the slaughter.
Duncan: That's the legend, Rachel.
Rachel: The bracelet. Now this. If I asked you to explain, would it make any sense?
[Duncan is silent]
Rachel: Duncan MacLeod.... maybe some legends are true.
Duncan: Maybe.

[Rachel is waiting when he returns the sword]
Duncan: It's over.
Rachel: I knew you'd be back. The legend. That seems to belong in your hand.
Duncan: No, it belongs in Glenfinnan. This is it's home.
[She kisses him]
Rachel: Your's too, Duncan MacLeod.

Reunion [4.6][edit]

Duncan MacLeod: Anne, you all right?
Anne Lindsey: Yeah, I'm fine.
Duncan: Is the baby OK?
Anne: Yeah, the baby's... learning to tap-dance I think.
Duncan: Somebody told me that there was an emergency.
Anne: Well, yeah, it's your cousin. (Duncan looks blank) The one from Wisconsin.
Duncan: Kenny's here?
Anne: Yeah, he's in the chapel. I was gonna call security, but I thought, what am I gonna tell them, I've got this kid who could live forever but he's only safe in churches?

[Duncan walks through a minefield]
Amanda: When you think of me, when you, you know, if you ever had to describe me to someone else, would you think of me as a nurturing person?
Duncan: (long pause) Definitely. Is that it?
Amanda: No! I want you to be honest, OK?
Duncan: How honest?
Amanda: Honest. I mean, tell me the truth, don't think about hurting my feelings.
Duncan: OK, then, no. Nurturing is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of you.
Amanda: Oh, I don't think you know me very well.
Duncan: Amanda, you're beautiful, you're smart, and you're a lot of fun. Nurturing's in there... it's just not high on the list.
Amanda: Well, do you think that I would have made a good mother?
Duncan: Absolutely.
Amanda: Really? I mean, because I could take it if you don't think that, you know, I have it in me.
Duncan: You would have made a wonderful mother.
Amanda: Really?

[Amanda touches Anne's belly]
Amanda: Wow... so what's it like?
Anne: Oh, like all the cliches. Carrying a watermelon, walking like a duck. And this is the easy part. The tough part comes when she gets here.
Amanda: Are you scared?
Anne: Terrified. You know, I'm a single mother, I work crazy shifts and weird hours. She's gonna need me, and the ER's gonna need me, and I haven't figured out how I'm going to make it all work yet.
Amanda: You know what? I think your going to do great.

Chivalry [4.10][edit]

[Flashback to 1659]
Duncan MacLeod: Hey, you, in the coach, you carry a sword, why don't you use it?
Kristin Gilles: I could use it now, but then I could not do this. (Kisses Duncan)

Duncan: Immortality definitely has an upside. Think about it, in 400 years you might be racing starships instead of Harleys.
Richie: You think things are going to change that much?
Duncan: Well, Richie, when I was a kid, the fastest way to travel was by horse, and if you wanted to fly, you had to be a bird.

Methos: MacLeod-san, that katana is a lovely piece of art. May I? I washed my hands this morning.
[MacLeod hands it over]
Methos: Ahhh! Quite a blade.
[Methos puts blade to Duncan's neck]
Duncan: Not funny, Methos.
Methos: Not meant to be. Not only are you naive, now you are weaponless. How have you lived this long? Do you know how many Immortals she's killed? Want a list?
Duncan: All right, you've made your point.
Methos: Have I? One day she is going to kill you.
Duncan: She's tried already.
Methos: You're better with a blade than her, yes. You are stronger than her, yes. But if you keep letting her walk away, one day she gets lucky, and takes your head. Yes!
Duncan: Oh, I don't know, maybe she'll start to gloat like you.
[Duncan knocks Methos down and escapes]
Duncan: You wanna play?
Methos: Great, you knock me on my bum because I make a bad joke. Very macho. But you keep letting her walk away, without even taking a shot, that is very suicidal.
Duncan: You know what she was to me.
Methos: Yes, and I know what she is. A killer. You treat her like one.

Methos: A couple of medieval songwriters come up with the idea of chivalry one rainy day...
Duncan: This isn't about chivalry!
Methos: ...and you embrace it as a lifestyle. You live and die by a code of honor that was trendy when you were a kid.
Duncan: Would you rather that I had no code of honor at all?
Methos: I would rather you survived. You put that first.

[Duncan disarms Kristin but cannot kill her]
Methos: Pick it up.
Kristin: Who the hell are you?
Methos: A man who was born long before the age of chivalry. Pick it up.
[They fight]

Timeless [4.11][edit]

Duncan MacLeod: You really are a spoiled brat.
Claudia Jardine: I was a spoiled brat when we first met, but now... I'm a genius.
Duncan: Silly me, I forgot. (hands her a glass) Here. It's not poisoned, although I'm tempted.
Claudia: You know, just because you think you own me doesn't mean you can tell me how to live my life.
Duncan: I don't think I own you.
Claudia: Oh yes you do. If you hadn't paid for Juilliard, the Paris Conservatory, I would probably be stuck in some crummy lounge in Las Vegas doing my one millionth rendition of Proud Mary.
Duncan: Is this a thank you I'm hearing?
Claudia: I thank you by being brilliant.
Duncan: She said modestly.

Methos: Excuse me, if I sat at a table, would you be my waitress?
Alexa Bond: (to Joe) Is he a good tipper?
Joe Dawson: No.
Alexa: Well. Too bad. Makes up for it in cute, though.
Methos: Cute. I can do cute.

Methos: I'm, uh, Adam Pierson.
Alexa: Where are you from?
Methos: Umm...
Alexa: Your accent. Your not from here.
Methos: No, I've traveled a lot.
Alexa: Really?!?! Paris?
Methos: Paris is too full of Parisians. Even the French don't like Paris.
Alexa: Venice?
Methos: Venice, the smell alone would kill you.
Alexa: A little young to be so cynical, aren't you?
Methos: Well, if you say so.
Alexa: I just did. (leaves)
Methos: What did I say?
Joe: Ah, forget it, Alexa's not your type, OK?

[Discussing Claudia]
Methos: How long have you known her?
Duncan: Since she was 14. She was living with a foster family. Pretty poor, and intimidated that they had a prodigy in their midst.
Methos: And does she know...
Duncan: That she's one of us? Doesn't have a clue.

[Walter has been trying to kill her]
Duncan: You're completely insane!
Walter: It makes so much sense, MacLeod! Don't read something diabolical into it.
Duncan: Immortality is not a game of tag. You can't say "you're it!" or "you're it!". It's not for us to decide when a mortal life is over.
Walter: But I must. If she doesn't die, now, at the pinnacle of her genius, it could be lost forever.
Duncan: You don't know that!
Walter: Ooh, Shakespeare. I found my purpose, MacLeod. Imagine, Claudia Jardine's talent living on through the ages... under my loving guidance.
Duncan: Walter, get a life!
Walter: Don't you see, she'll thank me. She will always be young, and beautiful, and passionate...
Duncan: ...and what happens when her fans see that she's not getting any older?

Alexa: Well... either you like to drink or you're crazy about the blues.
Methos: No, I was waiting for you... I see I leave you speechless, this is an excellent start.
Alexa: A start to what?
Methos: To... Dinner, a film, a concert, a smile, a sunset, a walk, all of the above, whatever you would like...
Alexa: Do women really fall for that line?
Methos: I have no idea, I've never used it before.
Alexa: .... Why do you want to go out with me?
Methos: Because the alternative is unthinkable.

Alexa: I'm dying. You see, don't you? We can't go out tomorrow.
Methos: Absolutely. We'd better make it tonight.

Methos: Where's Alexa? We have a date.
Joe: She called in sick.
Methos: Where does she live?
Joe: Adam, she doesn't want to see you, OK? Just leave her alone.
Methos: Joe, I didn't ask for your opinion. I know she's dying, OK. You are all dying. 20 years, 6 months, what's the difference?
Joe: She's protecting herself. She's protecting you, don't you get it?
Methos: Yes, I get it! Now tell me where she lives.

Methuselah's Gift [4.16][edit]

Duncan MacLeod: Amanda, you've lived for over a thousand years, how many times have you seen real magic?
Amanda: MacLeod, I was an illiterate thief starving on the street before Rebecca found me and made me her student. This is all I have left of her. Magic or not, no-one's gonna take this from me!

Duncan: There is no way Methos sent those men, not a chance!
Amanda: Why not? It's perfect. It's wily, it's devious, it's... just like him.

Duncan: Why are you doing this? You've lived this long without it, why do you need it now?
Methos: Alexa... she's in hospital in Geneva, she doesn't have long.
Duncan: You knew it had to be this way.
Methos: Yeah, from the first moment I saw her. Is, is that supposed to make it easier? Is that supposed to make it OK?

Methos: You understand nothing. Three weeks ago, we were standing on a beach on Santorini, watching the sun rise on the Mediterranean. Now she is lying in a hospital in Switzerland breathing through a tube! ... You think it takes courage to do what we do? Face another Immortal with a sword, knowing only one of you will live? You try being her! You try living one year, knowing that your time is running out. Knowing that when it comes to the final fight, however much you train, whatever tricks you have, you still lose! That's the way it is for them. So little time for them to see anything or do anything.

Methos: My flight back to Geneva leaves at 10. She'll never know how close I came.
Duncan: She'll know how much you love her.
Methos: As much as I can for as long as she lives.

The Immortal Cimoli [4.17][edit]

[At the circus]
Amanda: How can you not be excited, MacLeod? Just the smell of sawdust, popcorn and cotton candy. This makes me feel like a kid! Oh, isn't it exciting! I mean the sights, the sounds, the carnies!
Duncan MacLeod: The wonderful smell of wet fur. Low pay, rotten hours, sleeping in trucks.

Danny Cimoli: Sorry, no more autographs, I've got a monster headache.
Duncan: I don't want an autograph, and that's not a headache. We need to talk about who you are.
Danny: (laughs) Like the poster says, I'm The Immortal Cimoli!
Duncan: Ah, the Immortal Cimoli!
Amanda: He's got that part figured out.
Duncan: Listen to me. That headache that you got, all of us get it. It's how we know another one of us is around.
Danny: Ah... look, Mister, I don't know what you're talking about...
Duncan: ... you died recently, a robbery or an accident or something? But you didn't stay dead, did you?
Danny: How did you know?
Duncan: Because it happened to me. Four hundred years ago.
Amanda: We should talk.

Danny: Ever since the truck hit me, I've thought, this can't last, one day it's going to end, bang, I won't get up. But if it lasts forever, I can do any trick. Anything, and I wont die! I'll be bigger than Houdini.
Duncan: Sit down. Sit down! This isn't some trick for some magic act!

[They are in bed together]
Amanda: MacLeod, you awake? What are you thinking about?
Duncan: Umm, Danny.
Amanda: Must be losing my touch.
Duncan: No, you're not losing your touch!
[They snuggle]
Duncan: What are you thinking about?
Amanda: Moscow.
Duncan: I must be losing my touch.

Danny: The hell with the Rules, and the hell with the Game. I want out.
Amanda: Sorry, Danny, but that's not an option.

Duncan: Houdini was a friend of mine, and you, Danny, are no Houdini.

Till Death [4.20][edit]

[Flashback to 1696]
Robert: Well, well, well, what have we here, mice in the parlor. And Immortal mice at that.
Hugh Fitzcairn: I told you there was another way in. Didn't I tell you?
Duncan MacLeod: Be quiet! I'd be careful who I called a mouse, especially if I was a rat.
Robert: (gazing at Gina) If you're a thief, I've never seen a comlier one.
Duncan: You're the thief, we're just protecting her assets.
Robert: And they are wonderful assets.
Fitzcairn: If you please sir! A gentleman does not address a lady in that manner! I'll have his head!
Duncan: Ah, don't be ridiculous. You being dead would probably put her off her appetite.

[Flashback to 1696]
Fitzcairn: La-la, la-la-la-la-la!
Duncan: You know, when I heard that voice I said to myself, "That must be Fitzcairn - either that or a dog in heat."

[At Robert and Gina's wedding (1696)]
Fitzcairn: You realize, none of this would have happened if she had come to the opera with me that night.
Duncan: No, she would have seen you for the raving lunatic you are and she would have been with me.
Fitzcairn: I should have asked her to marry me while I still had the chance.
Duncan: You, married? You couldn't stay faithful to a woman for what, more than one hour?
Fitzcairn: Well I would have given it a fair try.

Gina: Maybe we are not meant to spend three centuries together. I mean, who mates for life? Swans? Geese? Lobster?

Duncan: Don't you want to see Robert and Gina live happily ever after?
Methos: Yeah, but I want to see me live happily ever after even more.

Methos: I knew it, I knew it! Getting between a married couple. It's a rule I haven't broken for two thousand years. I knew this would happen.
Duncan: She'll cool off, I'm just telling you to be careful, that's all.
Methos: Great, so I lose my head after five thousand years so that you can play marriage guidance counselor. I must have been out of my mind!

Season Five[edit]

Prophecy [5.1][edit]

Duncan: Honey, I'm home.

Duncan: So how did you find me? Witchcraft?
Cassandra : Why bother? It's the twentieth century. I used a detective agency.

Duncan: Like you said, this is the twentieth century. I left prophecies behind with the witches and the fairies.
Cassandra : Duncan, listen to me. The prophecy tells of a Highland foundling born on the winter solstice who passes through darkness into light and survives to challenge the voice of death.
Duncan: Really? Is this before or after I slay the dragon?

[Roland Kantos arrives, points his sword at Duncan]

Duncan: I guess he doesn't like me.
Cassandra : We've got to leave, now! [Duncan starts walking towards Roland] What are you doing?
Duncan: I guess asking him to dance is out of the question.

Roland: The signs for the prophecy are all in place. You're all that stands in my way. Or don't you believe in signs?
Duncan: Oh no I believe in signs. Don't litter, don't step on the grass, no spitting.
Roland: I prefer rest in peace.

Duncan: Power or no power, this is holy ground, he can't harm us here.
Cassandra : And none of us can avoid our fate. "An evil one will come to vanquish all before him. Only a Highland child, born on the winter solstice, who has seen both darkness and light, can stop him. A child and a man."
Duncan: We make our own destinies. Nothing is written.

The End of Innocence [5.2][edit]

[To Joe]

Duncan: I'm an Immortal, you're a Watcher. We can't cross that line. How many times do we have to be taught that?

Richie: That's the way it is, isn't it? -- get them before they get you. I've been practicing. Next time you pull a sword on me, it won't be so easy.
Duncan: Richie, I'd like to take back what happened, but I can't. But what you're doing is wrong and you know that, don't you?
Richie: Thanks for the tip.

Joe: I know who I am. I've been a Watcher for more than twenty-five years. It's as much a part of me as your clan MacLeod is to you.
Duncan: Then for once, keep your vow. Don't interfere.

Duncan: What good is philosophy in a fight?
Graham Ashe: We fight to stay alive -- don't forget to live. Imagine what you can see in a thousand years. Imagine what you can do. It's all there for us, Duncan, because we are blessed. Blessed beyond reason with the gift of eternal life. And every year brings something new -- a new vintage, a new fighting move... or a new pattern of flowers on an Italian hillside. Open your eyes and see it. Cherish it

Richie: Look Mac, if the bail comes with a lecture I'd just as soon wait it out in a cell.
Duncan: The guy who's after you. Haresh Clay.
Richie: What about him?
Duncan: I've met him once before.
Richie: Then how come you're both still alive?

Duncan: You're out of the Watchers?
Joe: Maybe it's too late... or maybe it's about time. Like Mrs. Wischnoff used to say in my old neighbourhood -- Meit ein tuchas can Meir nisht danzen a tsvai hossannas.
Duncan: Yeah - With one ass, a man can't dance at two weddings.
Joe: You know you were right. I couldn't be both your Watcher and your friend.

Duncan: For thousands of years Immortals have fought and Watchers have observed. One day, there will only be one of us left. And some day maybe none at all. Somebody has to record that we've lived. Somebody has to record the history we've seen and the lessons we've learned.

Manhunt [5.3][edit]

Detective Frayne: You're the serial killer guy?
Matthew McCormick: Among other things. The "serial killer guy" will do.

Matthew McCormick: [referring to a slinky] You know what I like about these? If you had enough stairs, they'd just go on forever.
Duncan: Unless they're stopped.
Matthew McCormick: Kinda like us.
Duncan: No, just like us.

Carl: It's freezin' in there.
Duncan: Well yeah, It's the morgue. At least you're still fresh.
Carl: You know, you're real funny, MacLeod. Hey, who picked out these clothes anyway? Your mother?
Duncan: [to Matthew] You should have killed him.

The Valkyrie [5.10][edit]

Inspector Breslaw: Are you a writer of fiction, Mr. MacLeod? (No) ... That's a shame. Possessed of such an imagination, it seems a shame to squander your talents on my humble self.
Duncan: If I could help you, Inspector, I would.
Breslaw: Would you? Let's review, shall we? You just happen to be here when they are setting up for the Wilkinson speech.
Duncan: No, I was here the day before for a boxing match, and I was...
Breslaw: ...A woman you have never seen before has a gun. You take the gun away from her. Then she screams you have a gun, and runs away leaving you holding the weapon. Do I understand correctly so far?
Duncan: I know how it sounds...

Duncan: So what Breslaw was saying about the murders was true?
Ingrid: They weren't murders. They were assassinations. There's a difference.
Duncan: The end result is the same.
Ingrid: Yes, but some people deserve to die. That's the difference.

Duncan: You mind telling me what you find funny about this?
Methos: Not exactly funny, but pretty entertaining, yeah.
Joe Dawson: Just what is so entertaining?
Methos: MacLeod tussling with another of his moral dilemmas.
Duncan: You know there are times I really don't like you.
Methos: That's OK, sometimes I don't like myself.
Joe: I see. Ingrid Henning.
Methos: Hey, ask Joe about her.
Duncan: I don't have to ask Joe about her. I know about her. She failed to kill Hitler in '44 and she's been making up for it ever since.

Methos: It is the ultimate in arrogance to think that one person can alter the course of history.
Duncan: You can't deny that by killing Hitler in '44, thousands of lives would have been saved, maybe millions.
Methos: Yeah, and if you'd killed him in '43 like Rommel wanted, maybe Germany would have won the war. ... History makes men, MacLeod, men don't make history.

Breslaw: What is she to you? A lover? A relation, perhaps? Or just an old friend? Old friends are the worst. They claim more of your soul.
Duncan: I don't agree with what Ingrid's done.
Breslaw: But part of you understands it, yes?

Breslaw: Your lawyer is here, and since I'm not going to charge you, goodbye.
Duncan: My lawyer? This I've got to see.
Methos: Officers... Well, that worked pretty well.
Duncan: Since when are you my attorney?
Methos: Whatever you need. Lawyer, doctor, Indian chief, I've got paperwork to cover it all.

[He shot Ingrid. They are getting drunk.]
Breslaw: Never gets any easier ... the killing I mean.
Duncan: Maybe it's not supposed to.
Breslaw: Maybe if I die a little tonight ... it will even things out between me and God.
Duncan: I hear Wilkinson's speech is back on for tomorrow night.
Breslaw: This time he is on his own. When I was a little boy everything was black and white, good and evil, you see. Then I grew up and discovered that there was only gray. I'm sorry I had to kill your friend.
Duncan: The Ingrid I knew I'll never forget. But the one you killed, I don't even know who she was. You did what you had to do.
Breslaw: But was I right? If this fascist scum Wilkinson becomes your President in the next 5 or 10 years, how am I going to sleep at night?
Duncan: I would have made the same choice.

Duncan: Ingrid asked me something before she died.
Methos: They usually do.
Duncan: She said, what was the difference between her killing them and me killing her.
Methos: Good question, right up there with chicken and egg.
Duncan: So what you're saying is there is no answer?
Methos: No, there is an answer. But the real question is whether you're ready for it. (Duncan nods) Stephanovitch killed, and Ingrid judged him. Wilkinson killed, and Ingrid judged him. Ingrid killed, and you judged her.
Duncan: So who judges me?
Methos: (long pause) You hungry?

Season Six[edit]

Avatar [6.1][edit]

[At Richie's grave. The headstone reads RICHIE RYAN -- 22 YEARS -- FRIEND]

Joe: I guess it's just you and me Richie. I can't believe it's been a year already. I wish I could tell you why this happened. That it all makes sense now...But I can't. I'm sorry.
Duncan: He knows why.
Joe: Well, welcome back.
Duncan: I'm glad you stayed in Paris.
Joe: Somebody had to. [pause] I buried him with his sword. I didn't know what else to put on the headstone... It seemed right.
Duncan: 'Friend' is good. Because that's what he was.

Duncan: When Richie died, I wanted to die. But I realized that if his death was to mean anything, I had to survive... I had to understand what happened. I had to believe what happened.

Joe: But how to we beat something with the power of life and death?
Duncan: Because we have to, Joe. Because there is no one else.
Joe: What the hell.
Duncan: Exactly.

Armageddon [6.2][edit]

[Ahriman disguised as Horton; referring to a snake]

Horton: Somewhat theatrical, I agree. A thousand years ago it would have been enough to have caused a panic in the streets.
Duncan: What do you want?
Horton: But this is the scientific age. People don't believe in demons and devils anymore. And maybe that's my best trick yet. [on laptop screen] All that technology...So much useless information... It's almost a sin to want to know so much.

Duncan: We went back to the archives. The symbol turned up in the writings of an ancient German mystic. To him it was a force of hate that could only be defeated by love.
Joe: Fine for Gandhi. But what about us? What else did he say?
Duncan: Nothing. Seems he died before he could finish his memoirs.
Joe: That's great. So what do we do, sit and contemplate our navels while the world goes to hell?

Duncan: Game's over. Your time is up.
Ahriman: No gun. No sword. How are you going to fight me? Are you going to huff and puff and blow my house down?
Duncan: I become one with everything. I become one with you.
Ahriman: Too bad you didn't think of that before you killed Richie.
Duncan: I become everything. Therefore I become nothing.
Ahriman: C'mon, be a man. I dare you!
Duncan: Therefore you are nothing. Without my anger, you have no substance. Without my pride, you have no form. Without my hate... you - have - no - being.

Duncan: Evil exist in all of us, Joe. When we deny that, we give evil power. Ahriman said it himself. His greatest trick was to convince the world he didn't exist. But, he does, he exists in all of us. Once I accepted that, I was able to defeat him.

Sins of the Father [6.3][edit]

Alex Raven: MacLeod, you're like a bad penny.

Alex Raven: We've gotta stop meeting like this.
Duncan: Then you've gotta stop trying to blow up my friends.

Duncan: So there is no Russian Mafia.
Grant: Sure there is...somewhere.

Duncan: We rewrite our history all the time because we have to. We rationalize our cruelty. So we can look in the mirror and face ourselves.

Two of Hearts [6.10][edit]

Kate: Have you ever heard of the Kama Sutra?
Nick: Yeah, you read it?
Kate: Read it? I modeled for the drawings.

Nick: Who is he?
Kate: You don't need to know.
Nick: Who is he, Kate?
Kate: His name is Bartholemew.
Nick: Wait, let me guess. You've been searching for him for a zillion years and now that you've found him, your gonna have to kill him. How am I doing here?
Kate: Don't do that.
Nick: What?
Kate: Piss on something you don't understand.

Nick: I say we get a line on the money first.
Kate: No, I don't want his money, I want his head.
Nick: That's very big of you. I wonder if that's what the kids want. You know, the one's he stealing from.
Kate: I hate you.
Nick: That money could feed a lot of babies. But, if you want to kill him, kill him.
Kate: I really hate you.

Kate: Look, I'm sorry I'm Immortal, Nick, there's nothing I can do about it.
Nick: Now you're getting irrational.
Kate: Tell me it doesn't drive you crazy, that I can't die and you can.
Nick: I don't believe this! I mean, first you lie to me, and then when things don't work out you lay this on me.
Kate: Look, you knew what I was when we met. You know the Game, you know the Rules.
Nick: And you know me, Kate. Am I the type of guy whose going to sit on his ass and let you walk off and maybe get whacked? Tell me Kate, is that who you ever thought I was?
Kate: No.
Nick: How the hell did we happen?
Kate: I didn't know we were going to happen. I didn't know I was going to fall in love with you. Nick, the part of my life that has to do with being Immortal has nothing to do with you. It can't.
Nick: Katherine, I'm either in your life, all of it, or I'm gone.

Patient Number 7 [6.5][edit]

Kyra: Why should I trust you? Give me a reason, give me one good reason.
Duncan: Because there is no one else.

[Flashback to 1640, a tavern]
Gaston: You've forgotten what it's like to be a woman. I think you need a real man to remind you.
Kyra: What men? All I see are a pair of miserable toads who work for the bastard Richelieu.
Gaston: Cardinal Richelieu does the work of God!
Kyra: Somehow I doubt God spends much of his time in the sewers of France. Tell me, is it true Richelieu has syphilis? Because if so, that's quite an accomplishment for a eunuch. Well, maybe he's not a eunuch, but you know, I hear it's, um... (points to the end of her little finger)
[They fight. She wins.]

[Flashback to 1640, an inn]
[They are sharing a bed, under strictly honorable circumstances]
Kyra: I've never met a Scotsman before. Tell me, are they well armed?
Duncan: Ah-hem. What exactly do you mean?
Kyra: I mean their swords, of course. What did you think I meant?
Duncan: Oh, well, your French toad stabbers, they're fine for some, but they're kind of puny.
Kyra: You think them small?
Duncan: Och! They're hardly worth your while. Now a Scotsman's weapon, that's another matter. Once it gets going there's nothing that can stop it.
Kyra: Really?
Duncan: Aye. Two hands to hold the thing. I doubt you could even hold it.
Kyra: Surely you exaggerate.
Duncan: No, not a wee bit. Come to Scotland and I'll show you.
Kyra: Scotland?
Duncan: You dinna think I could bring it in here did you? I mean the bloody thing wouldn't fit through the door.
Kyra: Oh. Oh, you mean your sword.
Duncan: A claymore, of course. What did you think I meant?

[Taunting a bad guy]
Kyra: Looking for me? Mine's a .44. Modified. Go right through you. Probably kill your partner too.... Of course, I'm only a girl. Might lose my nerve. Might even miss. (BANG) But not this time.

Duncan: After the trial, the chief judge was murdered. Albright...
Kyra: Richard. Richard was his name. Did you ever meet someone truly good, MacLeod? Someone who didn't want money, or power, or, or glory? Somebody beyond temptation and corruption?
Duncan: You were his bodyguard.
Kyra: I did a hell of a job, didn't I?
Duncan: And there's more?
Kyra: That's how it started. God, I loved him. Richard believed, MacLeod, believed like, like nobody I've ever met before. Justice, compassion. They were his Gods. Being with him was like being inside a warm, bright light. For 10 years, MacLeod. I wanted it never to stop. And then somebody stopped it. Do you know what that feels like?


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