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The Hilltop Hoods (1991–present) are an ARIA Award winning Australian hip-hop group originating from Adelaide, South Australia. Their members are MCs Suffa (Matt Lambert), MC Pressure (Daniel Smith), DJ Debris (Barry Francis).


  • 'You got to pray to hip-hop almighty, we bless the microphone nightly, open up the lyric from inside me. It’s our calling that’s why we say, you got to pray.' The Calling - The Calling, 2003
  • 'We get one chance, so I live for the moment, I’m just one man what I wouldn’t give for this moment, we got one world; still we take it in stride, in this one life we stand still waiting to die.' Breathe - The Hard Road, 2006
  • 'I got hip-hop taste buds, I wanna hear that bass when I make love, I wanna hear some lyrics when I wake up, write rhymes to get me through a break up.' The Nosebleed section - The Calling, 2003
  • 'The sky’s not falling it’s just angels committing suicide, cos they’re so saddened by humans using genocide as a political tool, considering all you humans have, the way you act belittles you all.' Audience with the devil - The Hard Road, 2006
  • 'This is a circus act this is absurd but fact, one critic or cynic for every that learned to rap, one lyric with gimmick for every with purpose that, furthered rap culture round the earth and back.' Recapturing the vibe - The Hard Road, 2006
  • 'We paved roads with our soul and suffering, for the stage coach carrying hip hop to roll on up in.' Roll on up - The Hard Road Restrung, 2007
  • 'I do damage like a paralytic paramedic with no anaesthetic.' Dumb enough - The Calling, 2003
  • 'I’ll make origami of your lyrics.' 'Geez that’s good Suffa, what is it?' 'It’s a swan!' Dumb enough - The Calling, 2003
  • 'Oi Suffa you can’t sing!' 'Yeah I can’t even hum a tune, but I make this crowd bounce like bed springs on a honeymoon.' Dumb enough - The Calling, 2003
  • 'Wake up, roll out of bed, throw on some roll-on. Roll up to the studio, it’s got a hold on me.' Chase that feeling - State of the art, 2009
  • 'And I’m a chase that feeling, take that pain and replace that feeling, and I’m a take that healing then, stand so tall they’ll have to raise that ceiling, man.' Chase that feeling - State of the art, 2009
  • 'Treating every breath as my first and day as my last.' Chase that feeling - State of the art, 2009
  • 'Terror cleared the skyline and anger clouded judgement, so they spent a thousand nighttimes in the desert fighting something, that they couldn't find, that made it something that they couldn't fight, left us lamenting all the wrongs that they couldn't right.' Fifty in five - State of the art, 2009

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