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Hiroshi Yamauchi 山内溥 (7 November 1927 - 19 September 2013) was the third president of Nintendo, famous for transforming Nintendo from a small hanafuda card making company in Japan to a multi-billion dollar video game company.


  • I have been saying this for some time, but customers are not interested in grand games with higher-quality graphics and sound and epic stories. Only people who do not know the videogame business would advocate the release of next-generation machines when people are not interested in cutting-edge technologies.
  • The DS represents a critical moment for Nintendo's success over the next two years. If it succeeds, we rise to the heavens, if it fails, we sink into hell.
  • There are many people in the industry that know nothing about games. In particular, a large American company is trying to do engulf software houses with money, but I don't believe that will go well. It looks like they'll sell their game system next year, but we'll see the answer to that the following year.


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