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Hit the Floor is a drama television series that airs on the VH1.

Season 2[edit]

Game Changer [2.01][edit]

Zero: I'd like to thank the two people who brought me here. That's Jude. A junior agent and a rock star at my agency. And God, with him, all things are possible.

Behind the Back [2.03][edit]

Jude: Now do you see why I sold you so hard on LA? It's the land of opportunity.

Isolation [2.07][edit]

Zero: Jude, you and I came into this with a plan. You need to trust it.
Jude: Just be careful. I risked a lot for you.
Zero: Relax. I got you.

Playing Dirty [2.08][edit]

Jude: Another Porsche?
Zero: Nope. This one's yours. I thought you'd like the color dark and tortured, just like you. I had a conversation with the agency, talked to the partners and made it official. My agent doesn't tool around town in a crap box.
Jude: Your agent?
Zero: Goodbye junior agent, hello my main number one guy.
Jude: I don't know what to say.
Zero: I’d never be here in LA, with the world at my feet, if it wasn’t for you. You still team Zero?
Jude: Abso-freaking-lutely!
Zero: Good. Now drive me to the arena you lazy bitch.

Zero: She took my reputation, all my sponsors.
Jude: I'll figure something out. I'll fix it.
Zero: This is beyond fixing. I've lost everything.
Jude: Listen to me. Listen to me! I was team Zero before and I’m team Zero now. We’re in this together. I would never leave you.
Zero: No, you wouldn’t. Never have. I don’t know what I would do without you, Jude.

Unguarded [2.09][edit]

Zero: Jude. You're gay!
Jude: What? I'm not gay!
Zero: You kissed me.
Jude: No, I didn't. Not like that. You were upset. I just
Zero: Kissed me on the mouth. Jude, it's cool. You were barking up the wrong tree but clearly barking.
Jude: I'm not barking up anything.
Zero: I gotta get on the plane. Jude, it's fine. You're gay. Be gay!
Jude: I'm not gay!

Jude: Hey, why are you sitting here? This is Insight Sports Network. It's #### magazine. You must be out there.
Zero: I’m knee deep in prostitutes. Getting naked and greased up isn't the image I should be going with right now. Everyone else seems to agree.
Jude: I don't care about everyone else. Business as usual is exactly the image you should be going with

Jude: He's getting in.
Danny: We've already set the shot.
Jude: Unset it!
Danny: We're kind of on a tight schedule.
Jude: You'd better get started then unless you want me to pull Derek.
Danny: All right guys. We’re switching the shot.

Jude: Get in there.
Zero: You sure you’re not doing this to get me naked?
Jude: Haha.
Zero: Wanna oil me up?

Danny: Excuse me!
Jude: Listen. Sorry I had to get pushy, just looking out for a client.
Danny: No, I thought it was cool. I think that you are cool. Like really cool.
Jude: Thanks. I gotta.
Danny: Hey, can I get your number?
Jude: I'm not, I'm not you know.
Danny: Ah. One of those. Okay. Well, just in case. I'm cool, too.

Jude: Why aren't you dressed? We have a Devil's party to get to. Everyone's gonna be there.
Zero: Not really in a party mood.
Jude: This isn’t about chips and dip, this is the first step to rebuilding. Before the public can rally behind you, you need to get back in good with the players. You have no friends in the locker room. You need them. I’m still your agent. You need to listen to me if we're going to fix this.
Zero: You seem antsier than usual. If I didn’t know any better I’d think you have your own reasons to get to this party.
Jude: I maybe told someone I’d be there.
Zero: Who?
Jude: Danny, the photographer’s assistant from the shoot.
Zero: I don't wanna go to some party if people are gonna be hissing me. Especially if Ahsha's gonna be there. She's the one that brought this whole thing on me to begin with.
Jude: That's an even bigger reason for you to go. For PR’s sake you have to forgive her, too. And going to this party will only help you.
Zero: Forget it!

Danny: Hey, have you guys seen Jude, the agent?

Zero: You have anything else?
Jude: You look pretty, let’s go. While there’s still a party to go to.
Zero: I’m sure Danny, the photographer’s assistant, will be fine.
Jude: Sounds like you’re jealous.
Zero: Really Jude? What’s next, you’re gonna double dog dare me to go?
Jude: Do you not wanna go to the party or do you not want me to go to the party?
Zero: No one’s stopping you.
Jude: If I did kiss you on purpose in that car, and I'm not saying I did. It's not because I was crazy. It's not because I was going off nothing. Fine. You know what? Have your way. Danny's waiting.
Zero: You don’t even know the guy.
Jude: I'm about to.

Steal [2.10][edit]

Jude: So, that’s it?
Zero: You seemed pretty satisfied a minute ago.
Jude: What are we doing?
Zero: Having a good time.
Jude: You’ve done this? Had a good time with a guy before?
Zero: I’ve been with men, and women. And men and women. It's not deep, Jude. Because I don't make it deep. I don't do relationships.
Jude: That's funny 'cause it seemed the minute you met Jelena, you were trying to lock her down.
Zero: That was all part of the plan.
Jude: Falling for her wasn't. It makes me wonder if you’re only here with me because you can’t be with her.
Zero: And that's why I don't do relationships. I can't deal with conversation like this.The only thing that matters right now is busting open the rift between Derek and Terrence. We can keep having fun... or not. Up to you.

Lionel: Unless you’re seeing someone?
Jude: Actually I am seeing someone, but they won't care. They don't seem to be the, uh, possessive type.
Lionel: You said they twice. You're playing the pronoun game. My brother played the pronoun game, wound up married to a gay biker in Providence. You’re loving on a guy.
Jude: He’s not a biker in Providence, but yeah… it's a guy.

Sudden Death [2.11][edit]

Jude: Pretty nasty rumor about Terrence.
Zero: Not a rumor.
Jude: You did this. What do you know?
Zero: Well, let's just say, the wall is coming down. Get it?
Jude: Wouldn't Derek be the better target? If Terants really is injured, isn't Derek too bigger threat?
Zero: I don't have anything on Derek.

Jude: “I don't have a son” that's how he said it. Just like that, like nothing. I keep reaching out to people, to you, Oscar. Just once I want someone to reach back.

Jude: You heard my conversation with Derek about the coke. You could have used it to hurt him, but you didn't because it would hurt me.
Zero: Don't make a thing out of it. My folks gave me up. The foster parents who collected the kids to collect the checks. You think I came up with Zero? That's what they called me. Zero. I kept it. I showed them how big Zero could be.
Jude: What's your real name?
Zero: ...I'm telling you this for a reason. Just because people are supposed to care about you, it doesn't mean that they will. The sooner you forget about Oscar, the better off you'll be.

Winner Takes All [2.12][edit]

Zero: Did you close any of those endorsement deals? I mean, negotiations are taking forever.
Jude: You're still in PR jail. It's gonna take more than the possibility of a championship to push the boulder up the hill. It's gonna take more than a ring. If you want your life back, you need MVP.
Zero: You're wound up tight. Even for you. Something happened today?

Jude: Congratulations. Bring number two.
Zero: I didn't come here to be some schmuck on a team. I came here to be a star. That's what you promised me. Instead, I lost everything.
Jude You can't blame me for that. You were the one who got caught with your pants down, on more than one occasion.
Zero: Are you still angry about that girl that I flirted with at the wedding?
Jude: Oh, What makes you think that?
Zero: I lied to everyone else, but you. I told you I don't do relationships.
Jude: No... you don't do relationships with guys. I do. You know how I know? Because I want one, with you. After the game, all I wanted to do was kiss you. And what would you have done? You would've freaked. Not because people would think you were gay, or bi, or... whatever you are. But because they would seen an ounce of anything real from you. You're so full of crap. One disguise after another. You're buried so deep in there, you don't even know yourself.
Zero: You just figure out you're gay, or whatever.
Jude: Not 'or whatever'.
Zero: And you're coming down on me?
Jude: You’re right. I’m sorry. I’m mad. Mad at myself. Mad at this situation. Mad that I need something from you. Mad that I can’t get it. Most of all, I’m mad that there’s nothing I can do about any of it.
Zero: Where are you going? You're my agent.
Jude I'm done settling for percentages. Percentages of my father, percentages of you. I want it all, and I can't stick around waiting for it.
Zero: Gideon.
Jude: What?
Zero: That’s my name. Gideon.
Jude: I would love to take Gideon on a date. To a public place. And listen to him tell me exactly who he is. If you want that, give me a call sometime.

Season 3[edit]

Power Play [3.01][edit]

Jude: Can't help but notice there only girls in the picture.
Zero: I'm all the man it needs.

Zero: You didn't say no.
Jude: I didn't say yes either.

Jude: I can’t be your agent.
Zero: Why not?
Jude: Lionel offered me a job with the Devils.
Zero: That’s why you won’t work with me?
Jude: I always wanted to be a part of the Devils. She offered me EVP, I can’t turn it down.
Zero: EVP, that'd make you my boss? That's hot.

Blocked [3.02][edit]

Lionel: I need Derek's deal hammered out by midnight tomorrow.
Lucas: Well then, let's get to hammering.

Lionel: Lucas is flirting with you.
Jude: What? I don't think so.
Lionel: I don't have time to stand here and talk you through your feelings about this. He wants you. I want Derek.
Jude: What are you saying?
Lionel: I'm saying get back in there, hike up your skirt and get that guy what he wants. Buy him drinks. You charm him, you take it from there.
Jude: I don't charm people, okay? I'm not a charmer. This is ridiculous.

Lucas: Are you coming on to me?
Jude: Lionel said you were flirting with me. I... I told her you weren’t.
Lucas: And she send you here to seduce me to get a better deal for Derek?
Jude: I...?
Lucas: Go Lionel.
Jude: Go?
Lucas: Well I mean I always had my eye on you in the office. I just… never knew you were gay.
Jude: It’s kinda a new thing for me anyway.
Lucas: Lucky me, ha.

Zero: What?
Jude: We both know what you just did and why you did it.
Jude: You won't be with me the way I want, but you don't want me with anyone else.

Jude: This guy, he was... everything to me. I was in love with him before I even knew what love was. When something blinds you like that... it takes a while for your eyes to adjust again. Till you can see anything else. You know?

Jude: Don’t let Zero sabotage another date.
Lucas: Zero didn’t sabotage anything, Jude. You did. I mean you still clearly hung up on this other guy. Whoever he is.

Fake Out [3.03][edit]

Jelena: What do you want?
Zero: A token of your appreciation. If you’re able to pull off buying the team you just have to do one thing for me; trade Derek.
Terrence: You are out of your mind.
Zero: Entirely possible, yet here we are.

Jude: I'm not going to be an afterthought.
Zero: I can't even imagine you being an afterthought. I think about you first all the time.
Jude: You’re the most screwed up person I’ve ever met. And the only person that makes me feel normal.

Jude: I think I'm wearing your underwear.
Zero: That's fine. I missed you, Jude.
Jude: I missed you, too.

Zero: Should I leave first or should you? What? What did I do?
Jude: It's not what you did. It's what I did. What I keep doing. Nothing’s changed. Same old story.
Zero: What are you talking about?
Jude: I'm still your secret. Something you have to hide.
Zero: You're being dramatic.
Jude: We're literally in a closet together!

Jude: Unless you have something you can offer me... leave me alone. If you care about me at all... stay away.

Good D [3.04][edit]

Jude: I thought I told you at the masquerade, unless you have something to offer me just...
Zero: ...stay away, right. I have something to offer you. Information.
Jude: What information?
Zero: I know who the potential buyers for the team are.
Jude: Who?
Zero: Terrence and Jelena. Not only that, they made a deal with me. If I kept my mouth shut about it, they trade Derek.
Jude: Why would you tell me this, that deal would be great for you?
Zero: I didn’t make it for me, I made it for you. So you had something to do real damage with.

Jude: Either you refuse to get it, or you never will.
Zero: I love you. Alright? I... love you, stupid.
Jude: I love you, too. But even still, it doesn't matter. Love isn't enough, I need someone I can actually be with like a normal person. Someone who is able to be there for me in every way. Can you?... Can you do that?
Zero: No.

Jelena: How the hell did Derek find out about our deal?
Zero: How do you think?
Jelena: You had a chance to get rid of him!
Zero: Maybe it wasn’t Derek I was trying to get rid of. Payback’s a bitch.

Lucas: I had sex with Jude.
Zero: Oh yeah?
Lucas: He’s hot! And that body he’s hiding underneath that suit, I’ve been dying to hit that for like a year. But Jesus is he needy, and neurotic. Oscar wrecked him for life, I mean he’s totally undateable. Jude’s used to disappointment. He’ll be fine.

Jude: Can't talk now. I'm meeting someone.
Zero: Lucas isn't coming.
Jude: Why not?
Zero: ‘Cos I told him not to.

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