Hitman: Blood Money

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Hitman: Blood Money is a stealth game developed by IO Interactive, published by Eidos Interactive and directed by Rasmus Højengaard. It is the fourth entry in the Hitman video game series.

Mission: Death of a Showman[edit]

Agent 47 approaches the front gate guard.
Gangster: What the fuck you lookin' at, cracker?
Agent 47: I'm here to see Joseph Clarence.
Gangster: Never heard of him.
Agent 47: Mr. Swing King.
Gangster: Oh, that sorry ass dickhead... What the fuck they call you?
Agent 47: Names are for friends...so I don't need one.

Gangster 1: We got an intruder, Scoop. Some motherfucker busted in on Jay-Z's watch.
Scoop: You know, I don't like uninvited guests.
Gangster 2 (Jay-Z): I was gonna bust a cap in his ass Scoops, but I remembered what you was sayin' about playin' it cool, yo, and I tried to play it cool, but the crackhead got by me, that all.
Scoop: So, it was my orders that caused the problem, is that what you're tryin' to say?
Gangster 2: [Growing apprehensive] Nah Scoops, I ain't sayin' that shit!
Scoop: I'd like to teach you a lesson in personal responsiblity, Jay, but seeing as we've got an intruder on the premesis, I'm a little pressed for time, so I'm afraid you'll have to be a lesson in personal responsibility.
Scoop draws a gun and shoots Jay
The two remaining gangsters in the room join in and shoot Jay's corpse several more times
Scoop: Those wishing to avoid becoming correlative to Jay's theory of accountability, had better get moving! Check upstairs, downstairs, inside, outside - now.

Mission: Curtains Down[edit]

Henderson: The story of the century is a couple of wine guys getting whacked in Chile?

[Agent 47 presents a laundry ticket.]
Guard: Here is your jacket sir.
Agent 47 holds up the coat blocking the guard's view of 47 taking out a loaded vintage pistol and putting it in his suit.
Guard: Don't you want the jacket sir?
Agent 47: No, just needed something from one of the pockets. I'll pick it up later.

Mission: Till Death Do Us Part[edit]

Agent 47 approaches the bride (Ms. Leblanc) in the disguise of a party guest.
Agent 47: Congratulations.
Ms. Leblanc: I don't believe I've had the pleasure of an introduction.
Agent 47: Jacob Leiter. I'm a friend of your father's.
Ms. Leblanc: Jacob Leiter... well now that does ring a bell. I'm afraid my father's kept himself couped upstairs all night. Maybe before the ceremony he'll come around.
Agent 47: I'll look forward to that ma'am.

Mission: Dance With The Devil[edit]

Agent 47 approaches the counter.
Agent 47: I left my briefcase here this afternoon. I was told it would be held in the staff room there. Can I have it please?
Guard: No one told me about any briefcase.
Agent 47: Are you saying it's been stolen?
Guard: Hold on, hold on... I'll check...

True Game Ending: (Assumed to be a Chinese brothel)[edit]

Guard: Uh... hello Mr. ?
Agent 47: Johnson.
Guard: Ah, welcome Mr. Johnson, welcome! May I take your briefcase?
Agent 47: No, I'll keep it.
Agent 47: I've heard interesting things about your establishment. I'd like to see what you have to offer. Preferably... in the back.
Guard: Of course sir... right this way.
Curtains close and the game ends.

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