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Hitman (2016) is a stealth video game developed by IO Interactive, published by Square Enix and directed by Christian Elverdam. It is the sixth entry in the Hitman video game series.

General quotes[edit]

(2 possible Quotes when Agent 47 point a gun at a male civilian)
Civilian: Please kill someone else! I'm like ... I'm like Jesus i heal people.
Civilian: Please let me be! I just had my teeth done, see?

(Often used Quotes in the briefings)
Diana Burnwood: I will leave you to prepare.
Diana Burnwood: The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck

(Quotes when 47 drops something in front of NPCs)
Guard: Sir you need to pick that up now or we'll have to destroy it!
Guard: Excuse me sir, you can't leave that lying around.
Guard: Hey I'm sorry buddy! But you can't just throw your stuff around, you know?
Civilian: Hey, I just wanted to tell you that you dropped something!
Civilian: Excuse me, sir, is that yours?

(Quotes when 47 is seen sneaking around, taking cover, or getting into a container in a non-trespassing area)
Guard: Sir, I can't tell you to stop, but what you're doing is not normal
Guard: Sir, don't sneak around like that, makes you look suspicious
Guard: Get the hell up before I kick you down permanently!
Guard: Sir, stop acting that way or I'll have to take action!
Anyone: Act your age man! What are you? 46? 48?!
Anyone: You like gettin' high, yeah? Well stop it you're acting like a dick!
Civilian: If you don't stop acting that way I'm gonna get someone? Okay?
Civilian: Do you have a telephone number for your psychologist? Should I make a call for you?
Civilian: That man is possessed by the devil! And I have seen it before! Somebody call an exorcist!
Anyone: What are you doing in there?
Anyone: Who are you hiding from?

(When 47 approaches a guarded, restricted area)
Guard: No sir, you can't come through here.
Guard: (Waiters disguise) You can't come through here. Come on; you're a waiter, go wait on tables or something.
Guard: Sorry sir, but due to increased security measures, this areas restricted, please move on.
Guard: (Security disguise) Sorry sir, but due to increased security measures, I can't let you through here, even if you are security.
Guard: This areas restricted, can't come through here.
Guard: Sorry sir, but this areas restricted, you'll have to find another way.

Mission: The Showstopper[edit]

Dalia Margolis: Good Evening: I don't believe we had the pleasure Mr., um ...
Agent 47: Rieper. Tobias Rieper. I'm a friend of Viktor's.
Dalia Margolis: I .. see. I wish i had been informed. Well no matter. Enjoy the auction, Mr. Rieper. I will see you later.
Agent 47: I'm looking forward to it.

Mission: World of Tomorrow[edit]

(Silvio Caruso talk to the grave of his mother)

Silvio Caruso: I'm close now mother. ... I will make my mark on this world. You always said I thought too highly of my self. You were wrong. I know what you went through, alone in this mansion. Husband dead. Abandoned by your favourite sons. Single mother to an unlovable child. You were smart. You had show much a promise, could have become anything. But you settled for a live of convenience. And when you finally realized your mistake, it was all too late. Well, guess what Mother? Worse fates than yours have befallen members of the human species. Other have managed to bear the burden more gracefully. You made me feel I was worthless. I will never forgive you. Part of me wishes you were here, Mother. So I could smother you all over again.

Mission: Landslide[edit]

Marco Abiatti: I'm thirsty. Need a little pick-me up.
Abiatti's Bodyguard (Calimero Endrizzi): Of course, sir
Marco Abiatti: You wanna join me?
Bodyguard: Th- thank you sir, but not on duty. It's the rules.
Marco Abiatti: - And that's why I trust you.

Mission: A Gilded Cage[edit]

Diana Burnwood: That is Claus Strandberg, Most Wanted man in Morocco.

(Agent 47, disguised as Kenny Engström give Claus Hugo Strandberg a massage)

Claus Hugo Strandberg: Ah, that's the ticket. I tell you, nothing makes you tense like thousands of people wanting to kill you. ...Hell people are funny. Fact is, if those morons had bothered to learn the first thing about marketing investments, my scheme would never have worked. Greed and ignorance, my friend. Those are the cornerstones to any good con. But you see easy money, that's all the people care about. So they can drive their ridicules urban SUVs and drink wine on a Thursday, on a Tuesday, whatever and tell each other how they've made it. Pathetic. I own a private jet.. I made it. Tell you what, you seem like a sensible guy. So I'll give you this one for free. You should pack up and leave the country. Because things are about to become.. unpleasant. (standing up) So, I feel a lot better. You really do have the golden touch. If you ever looking for steady employement... well, I'll let you know where I wind up. Good Day, Mr. Engström. And better not tell people where you've been, eh?

Mission: Club 27[edit]

Jackie Carrington: Why, hello if it isn't my next ex-husband. Jackie Carrington.

she puts a key card for her hotel room next to Agent 47

Jackie Carrington: Make Yourself comfortable. Oh, and don't mind Julian. He's just leaving. Ta
Agent 47: Be there in five.

Mission: Freedom Fighters[edit]

Mission: Situs Inversus[edit]

(When Yuki Yamazaki dies)

Diana Burnwood: Target down. Now it's time for Soders to retire.

Elusive Targets[edit]

Gary Busey: You'll never find me! I have the power of invisibility!

The Sarajevo Six[edit]

(When Agent 47 subdue him)

Taheiji Koyama: Thank you.


  • Enter a World of Assassination

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