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Hitomi Harada (born 18 November 1987) is a Japanese voice actress and singer.


  • Well, Asuka is… a person with a strong sense of justice.
    As far as things that we have in common… hmm. I wonder. If it was up to you to decide, what qualities would we share? Personally speaking, I think one thing we have in common is integrity. We won’t compromise our beliefs. That’s my answer.
    In regard to my tastes, recently I’ve been playing social games. I was always a gamer, so I was able to play through all of Senran Kagura. I also enjoy mountain climbing.
  • [Senran Kagura]’s an intense, fiery battle. There are also sexy elements. But speaking personally, I get to voice Asuka in each release in the series. As Homura’s best friend, we get to experience these battles as they unfold. This is a story with a lot of heart. That’s why these battles are important.

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