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Hitoshi Ariga (有賀 ヒトシ, born August 23, 1972) is a professional comic artist who primarily illustrates manga and picture books.


  • As a huge fan of the series, I would like to make my own, but I kind of enjoys more taking what's there and giving it my own spin. As games go, I knows how hard it is to make games, so I would rather leave that work to other people and play the games they produce. But if they were willing to use my ideas, I would be happy to provide them with many, may ideas of my own.
  • When I was working on the book there were times when production on the video game would pause, and then it would start up again. For instance, there was a long period of time between Rockman 8 and Rockman 9. So the publisher said, "because the game is not coming out, we don't really need to make a new manga."

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