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Hollywood 7 is a TV series featuring S Club 7. It takes place where L.A. 7 leaves off, as the band reach Hollywood in their continued search for fame and fortune. It almost looks like the dream is over for S Club 7 until they meet Dean, (played by Barry Willams), an agent who is willing to sign the group, and they are starting to gain fame in America. However, they also learn fame does come at a cost and adventures arrvies in many ways. The program when from September 25, 2001 and December 20, 2001 in the United Kingdom on CBBC, and September 15, 2001 to January 26 2002 in the United States on ABC Family, then Fox Family. Just like the previous seasons, it too was renamed S Club 7 in Hollywood in the States.

Episode 1: The Last Chance


Episode 2: Dosh

Jo: Which one's the best looking?
Hannah: Well, Nick looks like Matt Damon and Matt looks like Nicholas Cage.
Paul: Well, that's easy: who do you like more, Matt Damon or Nick Cage?
Hannah: Actually, I've always preferred Sean Connery.
Paul: Problem solved. You've won a date with my granddad, then

Episode 3: Public Relations

Tina: (Seeing what the PR Agent has for her to wear), this is a hospital grown.
PR Agent: Tina’s ready to talk about her extenuative plastic surgery.
Tina: (Upset) what plastic surgery? I had never any plastic surgery.
A group of photographers appear out of nowhere.
PR Agent: She had Dolly Parton nose sewed onto her face, one of Barbra Streisand’s ear and eyebrow from Jennifer Lopez.
Tina: Have you had a gerbil's brain transplanted into your head?
PR Agent: No… was that supposed to be good? I had Botulism injected into my cheek bone, and pigs’ fat in my lips.
Tina: This is complete nonsense.
PR Agent: Mind your stitches, honey.
Tina: But, I haven’t had any plastic surgery.
PR Agent: You haven’t? But, how come you look so good?
Tina: Part is because not spurting bits of dead animals into my face on daily basics.
PR Agent: Why not?
Tina: Because I don’t want to!
PR Agent: You do know this is LA. It’s kind of obligatory.
Tina looks at the photographers.
Tina: Look… I have not and will not ever have plastic surgery.
As the photographers leave, the PR Agent employs Plan B, which gets them to return.
PR Agent: Did you hear that? This lady is phobic… she’s afraid of surgery.
Tina: (stunned) WHAT?!

Episode 4: Doing the Deal


Episode 5: The Kiss

Paul: Listen – don’t worry about it. All that matters is your family, and your friends.
Hannah: I know. I suppose without them there’s no point going on, really.
Paul: (putting his arm around Hannah) Look. Whether you’re famous or not, you’ll always have me. And the band.
Hannah: I know. That’s good.

(Hannah leans in to Paul, and they share a long kiss. Suddenly they come to their senses and leap away from each other in shock)

Hannah: What happened?!
Paul: You kissed me!
Hannah: No I didn’t, you kissed me!
Paul: No I didn’t! Did I?
Hannah: Well, someone kissed someone.
Paul: That’s terrible!
Hannah: I know!
Paul: I didn’t mean to!
Hannah: Nor did I...it kind of just happened.
Paul: Did it?
Hannah: ...Yeah.
Paul: But why? I mean...does that mean I fancy you?
Hannah: No! ...Does it? Or does it mean I fancy you?
Paul: No, no, it can’t do...how can I fancy you?
Hannah: I know! ...Hang on, what do you mean by that?!
Paul: No, no, I mean...you’re fanciable and everything but not to me, to me you’re just Hannah.
Hannah: Exactly! To me you’re Paul, how can I fancy you? I mean, hello?
Paul: I mean, and this is the S Club, we just can’t go around kissing just because we feel like it! I mean, what if the others found out? What would it be...it would be...
Hannah: It’d be weird.
Paul: Yes! Weirder than weird.
Hannah: Right. Listen – it’s ok. It didn’t happen, alright.
Paul: ...Yes, it did.
Hannah: No. It didn’t.
Paul: Oh, I see...you’re right. No, nothing happened. (He winks)
Hannah: (almost disappointed) Right.
Paul: So we just go up there, as if nothing happened.
Hannah: Yeah. Which it didn’t.
Paul: So we just say nothing happened.
Hannah: No! Cos if we say nothing happened, then they’ll think that something happened!
Paul: Which it didn’t!
Hannah: Well, it did. But we’re avoiding saying it didn’t just in case they think it did.
Paul: Right. So what do we say then?
Hannah: I don’t know! I’ve confused myself now!

Episode 6: The Fan


Episode 7: The Cousin


Episode 8: The Stylist


Episode 9: Alone Again


Episode 10: Supporting Parts

Arlene: 10 Push up.

(Already angry by Arlene's present as a rival choreographer, Tina defends Rachel)

Tina: You’re a choreographer; you’re not a sergeant major. You can’t make her do push-up.
Arlene: Oh yeah, and who’s going to stop me.

(Tina sizes up; she’s ready for a fight)

Episode 11: The Vanishing


Episode 12: The Concert


Episode 13: The Return

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