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Hong Kong Police Force is the law enforcement of Hong Kong.


For the Hong Kong police[edit]

  • We appreciate the effor made by the Hong Kong police.[1]
    • Elizabeth Quat, a member of the Legislative Council.
  • Hong Kong authorities shouldn’t use unlawful force to suppress peaceful protests.[2]
    • Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch.

By the Hong Kong police[edit]

  • Ask your Jesus to come to see me![3]
    • A police scold at a priest during the protest on June 12, 2019
  • It is ridiculous for those who maintain the laws to apologize[4].
    • Andy Tsang, the former Commissioner of the Hong Kong Police Force
  • I will make the Tiananmen square massacre to happen again![5]
    • A police shout at journalists before the Siege of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2019
  • If you keep crying I will grap you back to the police station to rape[6][7].
    • A police told a young female passenger to be silent.

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