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The Hongwu Emperor (21 October 1328 – 24 June 1398) Zhu Yuanzhang (Traditional Chinese: 朱元璋; Wade-Giles: Chu Yuan-chang), was the founding emperor of the Ming dynasty, reigning from 1368 to 1398.


  • The universe began with the heavenly tablet recording his name.
The religion-delivering great sage, born in the western realm.
Conferring and receiving heavenly scripture in thirty parts, universally transforming all created beings.
Master of the trillion rulers, leader of the ten thousand sages.
Assisted by destiny, protector of the community. In each of the five prayers, he silently supplicates for their total well-being.
His intention is that Allah should remember the needy. Deliver them from tribulations to safety, Knower of the unseen.
Exalted above every soul and spirit, free from any blameworthy deeds.
A mercy to all of the worlds, whose path is preeminent for all time.
Renounce spiritual ignorance; return to The One – that is the religion called Islam.
Muhammad is the most noble sage.

Quotes about Zhu Yuanzhang

  • Seldom has the course of Chinese history been influenced by a single personality as much as it was by the founder of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang.
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