Honinbo Sansa

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Honinbo Sansa

Honinbo Sansa (本因坊算砂, 1559June 13, 1623) was the assumed name of Kanō Yosaburō (加納 與三郎), one of the strongest Japanese Go players of the Edo period (1603–1867), and founder of the house of Hon'inbō, first among the four great schools of Go in Japan. He was a Buddhist priest of the Nichiren sect, and his original dharma name was Nikkai (日海).


  • In go, when my stones are in difficulty I look for a ko to try to live—when those possibilities all fail there is nothing I can do.
    • Last words, as reported in Dictionary of Basic Tesuji by Fujisawa Shuko, trans. Steven Bretherick (Slate & Shell, 2007), Vol. IV, p. 23

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