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Hoot is a 2006 American family comedy film about a group of children trying to save a burrowing owl habitat from destruction. The habitat is located on the intended construction site of a pancake house. The developer of the project intends to proceed regardless of the environmental damage it would cause.

Directed and written by Wil Shriner, based on Carl Hiaasen's novel of the same name.
It's time to stand up for the little guys.

Roy A. Eberhardt[edit]

  • My mom told me Florida was so sunny and gorgeous, that everybody in America wanted to live there. Everybody except me. And as usual, I was out-voted.
  • I knew I couldn't spend the rest of the school year hiding from Beatrice the Bear. I had to take a stand, even if it meant getting decapitated with my own lunch tray.

Beatrice Leep[edit]

  • [on the phone with the mayor's secretary] Mother Paula can do a lot of things, but she can't change the weather. That would be Mother Nature.

Mr. Ryan[edit]

  • So why are there palm trees in Ireland?
  • So to answer your question, Pacific swells are usually a lot bigger than Atlantic swells. But remember: Kelly Slater is from Florida.


  • Mullet Fingers: You've got to start thinking like an outlaw!
  • Dana Matherson: [lisping] You and me are far from thettled!
  • Mayor: Mother Paula's is going to be a shining example of my six-point economic development plan, bringing to Coconut Cove over twelve new jobs!
  • Kimberly: I would just like to say that I, Mother Paula, am simply shocked by what's gone on here today. And you young man are no longer an employee of Mother Paula's, you're fired!


Dr. Gonzalez: And what's your name?
Roy: Uh...
[He glances at the nearby janitor, and reads his name tag]
Roy: Ling Ho.

Roy: [about Dana, after Roy broke his nose] I wrote him a note, that should be the end of it.
Garrett: A note? That's adorable. What did you say? "I'm sorry I smoked you. Please don't break every bone in my body. Please leave me one good arm so I can feed myself"?
Roy Eberhardt: You're hysterical.

[Roy sits at Beatrice's table]
Beatrice: What is your problem?
Roy: I think you're the one with the problem. Beatrice, I've got no idea why you're mad about what happened on the bus. You're not the one who got choked, and you're not the one who got punched in the nose. So I'm only going to say this once. If I did something to upset you, I'm sorry. It wasn't on purpose. Next time you've got a problem, just tell me, and then we'll sit down and talk about it like civilized human beings.
Beatrice: Civilized.
Roy: Are we straight on this?
[Beatrice just glares]
Roy: Good. I'm glad we had this chance to get to know each other just a little bit better.
[He takes his lunch tray and leaves]
Soccer Pal: He's kind of cute, don't you think?
[Beatrice glares]
Soccer Pal: In a way that's not cute at all.

Beatrice: Hey, cowgirl.
Roy: Yeah?
Beatrice: I'm really glad that... You know what, I'm just gonna call you "Roy" from now on. If that's all right with you.
Roy: And what's wrong with Ling Ho?
[She laughs and hits him with a pillow]


  • Luke Wilson as Officer David Delinko (the police officer in Coconut Cove).
  • Logan Lerman as Roy A. Eberhardt.
  • Brie Larson as Beatrice "The Bear" Leep, Roy's girlfriend.
  • Tim Blake Nelson as Leroy "Curly" Brannit, David's rival later best friend.
  • Cody Linley as Napoleon Bridger "Mullet Fingers" Leep, Beatrice's stepbrother and Roy's best friend.
  • Neil Flynn as Andrew Eberhardt, Roy's father.
  • Clark Gregg as Chuck Muckle, (the manager of Coconut Cove).
  • Robert Wagner as Mayor Grandy (the mayor of Coconut Cove).
  • Kiersten Warren as Lizzy Eberhardt, Roy's mother.
  • Jessica Cauffiel as Kimberly Lou Dixon, Curly's girlfriend (the mascot of Mother Paula's Pancake House).
  • Dean Collins as Garrett, Roy's best friend.
  • Eric Phillips as Dana Matherson, Roy's school bully. (the former at the Trace Middle School later at the Detention Camp Military School.)
  • Damaris Justamante as Mrs. Matherson, Dana's mother.
  • Jimmy Buffett as Mr. Ryan, Roy's best friend.
  • John Archie as Captain.
  • Robert Donner as Kalor.
  • Carl Hiaasen as Felix.

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