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Hope Masike in 2010
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Ruvimbo Hope Masike, professionally known as Hope Masike(born September 9, 1984) is a Zimbabwean musician and dancer. She is known as "The Princess of Mbira" and her music has its roots both in traditional and modern African culture. Hope is also the lead singer for Monoswezi. She initially studied Fine Art at Harare Polytechnic.


  • "When we are promoting a virtue such as respecting equality and the full recognition of everyone`s rights, what a better way to spread the message than through this universal language - music."
  • "All women of the world, lets normalise being content with how God created us, proudly and loudly so enhancing our beauty is perfectly fine except when it’s to the detriment of our health, be it physically or emotionally."
  • "To the black woman in particular, your dark skin is very beautiful just as is. Be you, beautifully so. You are wonderfully made."
  • "I hope Zimbabweans will write and tell our own stories, us musicians, poets, historians, all of us – we need to capture the true story of Zimbabwe and tell that to the world."


  • "I did these poems in a very ‘open-minded’ effort to find an often silent/silenced voice. There are things we do not ever say. There are things we don’t know how to say. There are things that have never been said."
  • "Gender imbalance. I was in Norway sometime and the only difference between males and females there is their biological make up. Otherwise they have equal opportunities and the women are just as aggressive as the men. You have a dream you go for it. There are no restrictions, on married women as they get as much support as that they give to their spouses. There are also equal opportunities at university where all sexes are admitted on equal merit. If I were to get a billion, I would like to empower women starting with the very young girls, who need a good education to build a better foundation for their lives."
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Quotes about Hope Masike[edit]

  • Hope Masike is a Zimbabwean vocalist, mbira player, percussionist, songwriter, fashion designer, painter and dancer. She is known as The Princess of Mbira and her music has its roots both in traditional and modern African culture. She is also the lead singer for transnational band Monoswezi.
  • One of its most talented and famous performers and teachers is Hope Masike, a 35-year-old woman from Harare, the country’s capital. Born into a large family of eight children, Hope devoted herself to studying the culture of her people, diving into a wide range of subjects from anthropology and ethnology to jurisprudence, never losing the love for her roots and the dream of an emancipated and peaceful Africa.
  • Hope speaks out about the issues of womanhood in the rapidly changing Zimbabwean culture.
  • By her own admission in the author’s note, the poems are designed to affirm, to confront the silence we so often feel comfortable with and to give voice to those things that have remained unspoken.
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    • I did these poems in a very ‘open-minded’ effort to find an often silent/silenced voice.
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