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Horacio Verbitsky. (Buenos Aires, 1942-02-11) is an Argentine journalist and writer.

  • "Journalism is disseminating information that someone does not want known; the rest is propaganda. Its function is to expose what is hidden, give testimony and, therefore, to disturb." (p. 16 in 2006 edition)
  • "The reform of the broadcasting law in 1989 allowed access to ownership of the electronic media by economic groups with other interests. ... [S]ince these business groups make more money with other businesses, ... the media become bodyguards of those interests and shut up when it suits them." (p. 4 in 2006 edition)
    • Horacio Verbitsky, Un mundo sin periodistas: las tortuosas relaciones de Menem con la ley, la Justicia y la verdad, Planeta (Bs. As.) [A world without journalists: the tortuous relations of Menem with the law, Justice and truth], 1997. ISBN 950-742-886-0; 2006 edition: ISBN 987-503-434-7.
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