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Hostyle Gospel is a Christian hip hop group who started during the the early 2000's.

Song lyrics[edit]

Let Me At Em (2007)[edit]

  • And its a battle to the death blessed with eternal life crucifying the flesh Keep a lock on Lucifer like Im flying a jet, Equipped for the dog fight Satan got a mean bark but he cant bite, He thought he had a lock on my faith, But I swole up and broke his face I bet you now he know his place.
    • Jesus Invented Crunk

Immortal Combat (2011)[edit]

  • Time is running out, this ain't no fun and games, Live your life without Jesus, spend eternity in flames, So get the word out to your friends, and enemies, He's coming back for us, he's coming back again again, Cause he's coming back again again
    • Coming Back Again

Desperation (2013)[edit]

  • I'm throwing away my sinful ways and I'm chasing after this Christ, I'm resurrected my flesh is dead and I'm chasing after this life, I ain't the same no mind games, I'm busting through I'm lineman, I'm offense when I'm rhyming, so I'm eating demons I'm primate.
    • Break

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