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Hot Line is an American erotic anthology series featured on Cinemax during their "After Dark" schedule. The series features simulated sex scenes, and thus can be categorized as "softcore" or "voyeur".

The premise of the show is listeners of a fictional radio show titled, "Hot Line", call in to recount their sexual exploits. Many high-profile porn stars made an appearance on the show.


  • And we're back. I'm Rebecca. You're listening to Hot Line on KIIS, 106 on your FM thermostat. If you're just tuning in, what we talk about here may surprise you and may shock you. But one thing's for sure; it'll keep you awake. So if you've got a story to tell, a secret, a fantasy, we'll be burning up the airwaves 'til the clock strikes three. Lines are open. 555-KIIS.

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