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Hot Resort is a 1985 American comedy film about several young American men who get a job at a resort hotel in the Caribbean.

Directed by John Robins. Written by John Robins, Boaz Davidson, and Norman Hudis Claire Parker and Clarkson.


Bill Martin: Now remember, our motto here at the Royal St. Kitts is the guest is always right. If he calls you an asshole...then you're an asshole!
Chuck: Weren't you in a movie with Fay Wray?

Kenny: My computer's got 64K of RAM right now, which is okay for two floppies. But I wanna get a hard drive. So, I'm gonna upgrade to 256K RAM. Then, I'll be talking major megabytes. I can increase my memory or network.
Franny: So what you really wanna do is ram your hard drive into a mainframe.
Kenny: Do I ever!

Chuck: I don't suppose you'd like to go to the movies tonight.
Jane: Oh, fuck off.
Chuck: Well I guess a blowjob would really be out of the question then.
Jane: Not necessarily.
Chuck: Oh, yeah? So do you like, what, swallow it or spit it out, you know?
Jane: Fuck you!
Chuck: Fuck me? Well, that's kinda what I had in mind. You know, which way do you like it? Because I got the People's Almanac and it lists the six most favorite, popular positions with women, especially women like you. I can tell, because you have that kind of body.
Jane: Have you been with a woman?
Chuck: Yes!


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