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House of 1000 Corpses is a 2003 American exploitation horror film written, co-scored and directed by Rob Zombie, and starring Chris Hardwick, Rainn Wilson, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Sheri Moon Zombie, and Karen Black. The plot focuses on two couples who are held hostage by a sadistic backwoods family on Halloween. Zombie's directorial debut, the film drew from a multitude of influences, particularly American horror films of the 1970s, including The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes.

There's no turning back! #taglines


  • It's all true. The bogeyman is real and you found him.
  • Huntin' humans ain't nothin' but nothin'. They all run like scared little rabbits. Run, rabbit, run. Run, rabbit. Run, rabbit. Run rabbit. Run, rabbit, run! RUN, RABBIT, RUN!
  • Better you leave here with your head still full of kitty cats and puppy dogs.

Captain Spaulding[edit]

  • [after shooting Killer Karl] Goddamn, motherfucker got blood all over my best clown suit.
  • But MOST of all... fuck YOU!


  • Ain't the only thing tasty in this house.
  • We like to get fucked up, and do fucked up shit.
  • Give me a "B", give me an "A", give me a "B" give me a "Y", What's that spell? What's that spell? WHAT'S THAT SPELL?
  • There once was a woman who lived with her daughter in a cabbage garden; along came a rabbit and ate up all the cabbages; the woman said, "Go into the garden and drive out the rabbit."
  • Hey, Poopy-pants. What's new?
  • Whatever you need to do, you do it. There is no wrong. If someone needs to be killed, you kill 'em. That's the way.
  • These are all my dolls. I used to like to chop their heads off and their arms and stick 'em up on the wall.
  • You gotta have the marshmallows, that's what makes it fun.

Jerry Goldsmith[edit]

  • That was so badass! Dr. Satan! Ahhh! Dr. Satan!
  • Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!

Grandpa Hugo[edit]

  • I hate fucked up families.
  • What are you, Jimmy Olsen, cub reporter for the Daily Asshole?


[Mary screams]
Otis: Shut your mouth!
[more screams]
Otis: I said, shut your fucking mouth!
Otis: Listen, you Malibu middle class Barbie piece of shit, I'm tryin' to work here. Work? You ever work? Yeah, I'll bet you have. Scoopin' ice cream to your shit-heel friends on summer break. Well I ain't talkin' about no goddamn white socks with Mickey Mouse on one side and Donald Duck on the other. I ain't readin' no funny books, mama. Our bodies come and go but this blood... is forever. Now, I'm gonna remove your gap... But! If you make so much as a fuckin' peep! I'm going to cut you like a pig and make you eat your own fucking intestines... you got me?

Otis: Boy, I bet you'd stick your head in fire if I told ya you could see Hell. Meanwhile, you're too stupid to realize you got a demon stickin' out your ass singing, "Holy Miss Moley,
[Whole family joins in]
Otis: Got me a live one."

Lt. George Wydell: [holds a photo of Denise] Have you seen this girl in the past 24 hours?
Captain Spaulding: Yeah, cute kid. Ain't my type though. You know, I like 'em with a little more meat on 'em. Ha ha. The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin'.
Deputy Steve Naish: Come on clownie, just answer the damn questions. We ain't interested in your love life.
Lt. George Wydell: Cut the crap Spaulding and get with the facts.

Mary Knowles: [sees Baby on Bill's lap] Get off him!
Mary Knowles: [Baby doesn't budge] I said get the fuck off him you stupid fucking whore! Fucking slut!
Baby: [Baby gets pushed to the ground] Oh, you shouldn't of done that!
Mary Knowles: Oh, really? Are you gonna do something about it?
Baby: I'll do something, motherfucker. I'll fucking cut your tits off and shove 'em down your throat!

Captain Spaulding: I know what your problem is.
Bill Hudley: What's that?
Captain Spaulding: Ya'll think us folk from the country's real funny-like, dontcha?
Bill Hudley: Jerry...
Captain Spaulding: Yeah, well saddle up the mule, ma. Slide me some grits, I's got to get me some edu-cation, uh hu hu hu.
Bill Hudley: Jerry...
Captain Spaulding: You asshole!

Otis: I'm the one who brings the Christmas candy. Now tell me, who's your daddy? I'm the one who brings the devil's brandy.
Mother: Who's your daddy?
Otis: I'm the one who beats you when you're bad.
Baby: Who's your daddy?
Mother: Who's your daddy?
Otis: [walking to Denise, while wearing her father's skin] Come on, sweetie. Give the old man some sugar.
Denise Willis: Daddy, Daddy.
Otis: [taking off his robe] And I'm the one who loves ya when you're fucking dead!


  • The most shocking tale of carnage ever seen.
  • The movie some never wanted you to see.
  • There's no turning back!
  • True horror is back!
  • You'll never get out alive.
  • God bless this house.
  • Dare You Enter...
  • Life and Death are Meaningless...And Pain Is God


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