House of the Long Shadows

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House of the Long Shadows is a 1983 film about a writer who goes to a mysterious house to write a book on a bet.

Directed by Pete Walker. Written by Michael Armstrong, based on the novel Seven Keys to Baldpate by Earl Derr Biggers.
A murderously funny mystery with a twist..  (taglines)


Stationmaster: It is a cursed place.
Kenneth Magee: I'm sure it's drenched in evil.
Stationmaster: A cursed place.
Kenneth Magee: Filled with things best not spoken of. Yes, I saw the movie. You do know how to get there?


  • Room for every nightmare... A nightmare in every room.
  • A murderously funny mystery with a twist..
  • Step Into The House Of The Long Shadows Where The Answer Awaits You - Or Does It?
  • The screens masters of terror together for the first time...


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