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House on Haunted Hill is a 1959 film about a millionaire who offers ten thousand dollars to five people who agree to be locked in a haunted house for a night.

Directed by William Castle. Written by Robb White.
Acclaimed The Super-Shocker Of The Century!  (taglines)


Frederick Loren: Do you remember the fun we had when you poisoned me?
Annabelle Loren: [laughs] Something you ate, the doctor said.
Frederick Loren: Yes, arsenic on the rocks... [grabs Annabelle] Annabelle, you'd do it again if you thought you'd get away with it, wouldn't you?

Annabelle Loren: Dr. Trent, don't you approve of our little party favors?
Dr. David Trent: Suppose Nora had a gun when she was alone in the cellar with the blind woman?
Ruth: Oh, I don't think anyone else is going to walk around in total darkness.
Annabelle Loren: Oh, I'm sure we're not going to go running around the house shooting each other, aren't you?
Dr. David Trent: Who knows? Fear can make people do amazing things.


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  • Acclaimed The Super-Shocker Of The Century!


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