Housewives from Another World

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Housewives from Another World is a 2010 American made for cable erotic film written and directed by Fred Olen Ray.


Max: I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
Karen: Oh, sorry?! Sorry I came home early is the only thing you're sorry about.
Max: Look, I'm under a tremendous amount of pressure at work. You know that. The satellite project is gonna cost someone their job, and... I don't know. I just had a lot of built-up pressure I need to relieve before I exploded.
Karen: So you explode on Rita.
Max: She was just... there. She doesn't mean anything. It's you that I love.
Karen: [taking another drink from her bottle] Don't make me vomit.
Max: I said I was sorry.
Karen: Okay. And that's supposed to make it all right? Well, you know what? It doesn't. Not hardly.
Max: Well, what do you want me to do?
Karen: Leave me alone for a while, and then you can take your sorry ass onto the couch. Think you can do that?
Max: Got it.

Max: [wakes up from his peaceful sleep and sees Karen wrapped up in a towel] Did you take a shower?
Karen: Yes. It helped me to think. I've come to a decision.
Max: You don't want to get a divorce, do you?
Karen: Not at all. I was thinking: I should've been there for you. If I wasn't on the road working all the time, I could've been here to help relieve your stress better.
Max: What?!
Karen: It's my fault. I've been a very bad, bad wife. But I can fix that.
Max: Okay, wait. I'm not understanding this at all.
Karen: You are the one who's designing the Orion deep space satellite, yes?
Max: Well, yeah, but you already know that.
Karen: You have a brilliant mind. I should be doing whatever I can to help you achieve your goals. You need to complete the satellite without delay.
Max: I'm glad you're feeling better, but... I mean, I'm still really sorry about what happened.
Karen: Shh. Let's not discuss that. It's finished. Done. Just let me do what a wife does for her hard-working husband.
Max: You don't mean... [Karen unwraps her towel and reveals her body to Max] Oh, yeah. You do mean.
Karen: Mm-hmm. [kisses Max on the lips and begins seducing him]

[Karen's cellphone rings. Karen picks it up and places it in her ear]
Karen: Max.
Max: [holding his own cellphone in his ear] How did you know it was me?
Karen: Call it woman's intuition.
Max: Yeah. Well, I just wanted to check in with you and... just let you know how much I loved you.
Karen: Is everything okay at work?
Max: Sure. Everyone's getting their asses handed to them. Everyone but me.
Karen: Hm. That's because you're the best at what you do.
Max: Hey, I was thinking... um, maybe we should invite Tom and Carla over tonight for cocktails. They're both taking a real beating here and... I don't know, I feel kind of guilty.
Karen: That's a great idea, darling. [holding a glowing meteorite fragment necklace in her hand] There's something I've been meaning to give to Carla, anyways, and that would be the perfect opportunity.
Max: Great. You're a doll. So, I'll ask 'em.
Karen: Max.
Max: Yeah?
Karen: Hurry home.
Max: Kisses.
Karen: Kisses. [turns off her cellphone while Max turns off his own]

[Karen pours a cup of coffee for Rita]
Rita: I have to say, I was really surprised you called me this morning.
Karen: I can't stay mad at you, Rita. Besides, it was just a big misunderstanding. [hands Rita her cup of coffee]
Rita: Well, I'm certainly relieved that you're not really dead.
Karen: I don't know where Max came up with that. I'm just happy that you were there to comfort him.
Rita: What are neighbors for?
Karen: What, indeed. [holding her meteorite fragment necklace around her neck]
Rita: [sees the necklace] That's a really nice piece. Where did you get it?
Karen: Do you like it?
Rita: Mm-hmm. There's something about it, but I can't quite put my finger on it.
Karen: It's made from a meteorite; it's the latest fashion in New York. Do you want one?
Rita: I probably couldn't afford something like that.
Karen: Nonsense. I liked it so much that I bought extras... for my friends. [holds another meteorite fragment necklace in her hands]
Rita: Really? [puts down her cup of coffee]
Karen: Yeah. Let's try this on you. [puts the necklace around Rita's neck]
Rita: Karen, I don't know what to say. You're out of this world!
Karen: Well, I think you just said it. [Rita's meteorite necklace glows and she becomes possessed] There. Better?
Rita: Much better.
Karen: I'd like to show you something I learned last night. They call it... sex. [kisses Rita on the lips, then takes her to the kitchen table and they begin seducing each other]

[Karen catches Carla snooping around in the bedroom and sets down the satellite blueprints on a desk drawer]
Karen: Looking for something?
Carla: [turns around and is surprised to see Karen] Karen! You gave me quite a start.
Karen: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to spook you.
Carla: I lost... an earring. I thought it might be here somewhere.
Karen: Please. I know what you're looking for.
Carla: You do?
Karen: You think I don't know?
Carla: Know what?
Karen: I have a pretty good idea of what you're up to. I don't blame you.
Carla: It's pretty big of you, Karen.
Karen: You are, after all... only human.
Carla: Thanks for understanding.
Karen: You can't help yourself. So... would you like to see it?
Carla: Yes, I would.
Karen: Good. [takes Carla to the bathroom] Admit it. You're admiring my necklace.
Carla: What? [sees the meteorite fragment necklace around Karen's neck] Oh! I mean... yes. That's an amazing piece.
Karen: It's made of meteorite.
Carla: Wow. [starts to touch the necklace, but Karen stops her]
Karen: I have an extra one that I'd like to give to you.
Carla: Really?! [Karen nods her head and places another meteorite fragment necklace around Carla's neck. The necklace glows and Carla becomes possessed]
Karen: Better?
Carla: Yes. Better.
Karen: Good. I want you to meet me here tomorrow at 1100 Earth hours.
Carla: I understand.
Karen: Good. [Carla leaves and Karen looks at herself in the mirror]

[Karen enters the room with the satellite blueprints and meets Carla and Rita sitting on the couch]
Karen: As we've all learned: In the future, most of our universe will be destroyed by an intergalactic war. This war was brought on in part by the discovery of our planet by the Orion deep space satellite. The satellite created by the man I'm married to. This cannot happen.
Rita: We have the plans now. This terrible tragedy can be avoided.
Carla: Our way of life will go on. Without war, without destruction.
Karen: We have the plans, and that will stop the development of the satellite for now, but what of the future? Max will continue his development, and who knows how long it will be before he achieves success?
Carla: What's the answer?
Rita: We must kill Max. That's the only way to protect our world.
Karen: Unfortunate, but true. He cannot be allowed to continue his work on the satellite.
Carla: Is it really necessary to kill him? Is there no other way?
Rita: No! He must die.
Karen: What if... we take him with us? That would stop the development of the satellite without any bloodshed.
Carla: Excellent idea! But... can we get away with it?
Karen: I believe it's possible; tricky, but we could do it.
Rita: Then all we have to do is wait for him to come home.
Karen: Agreed. And in the meantime, let's show Carla what we've learned about the human form while we've been on the planet.
Rita: You mean...?
Karen: Yes; with the human body, we can experience the sensation of touching each other. It's very enlightening.
Carla: Show me. [Rita and Carla stare at each other with excitement. Karen walks over to a sofa, sits down and watches the performance of an erotic human ritual. Carla and Rita begin seducing each other]


  • Heather Vandeven as Karen
  • Christine Nguyen as Carla
  • Rebecca Love as Rita
  • Frankie Cullen as Max
  • Billy Chappell as Tom
  • Ron Ford as Agent
  • Ted Newsom as Mr. Roberts