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How to Rock (2012) is a show about a band named Gravity 5. It is mainly about a former "perf" named Kacey Simon.

Season 1[edit]

How to Rock Braces and Glasses[edit]

  • Stevie: I see you guys all the time at the mall and all you do is shop and pose. Do you guys have any hobbies?
    Kacey: We like to shop.....and pose.....
  • Doctor: Kacey Simon, you need glasses.
    Kacey: What?!
    Dentist: Kacey Simon, you need braces.
    Kacey: What?!
  • Kacey: Where have you been?! I called for a code 4, level 9 super secret emergency meeting 10 minutes ago!
    Molly: This isn't really an emergency for us. This is more of an emergency for you.
    Kacey: It's really not that big of a deal.
    Molly: Oh, it's a big deal, Kacey. The whole world knows you're wearing braces and glasses, that you're lisping and that you just loogied into the mouth of one of the hottest boys in school. EPIC fail.
  • Stevie: (walks in) Hey guys.
    Kacey: Loserberry?
    Stevie: Excuse me. You call me that name again in front of my friends, and I'll introduce you my bass to your face.
    Zander: I think it just got a little bit tense in here.

How to Rock a Messy Bet[edit]

  • Kacey: CAT!
    Stevie: That is NOT a cat!
    Zander: I think it ate the cat.

How to Rock a Guest List[edit]

  • Molly: (Gets invitation) The first invitation? Thanks, Justin.
    Grace: (Gets invitation) The first invitation after Molly's but before everyone else's? Thanks, Justin.
  • Kacey: Last year, he had pigs in a blanket that were actually served by a pig in a blanket.
  • Kacey: It wasn't that great. Will-I-Am only sang three songs.
  • Justin: Yeah, you're that kid who used to run away from his own farts!
    Nelson: Still do.
  • Kacey: Okay, now, you may be wondering why I've called you all here.
    Zander: You didn't call us all here. We were rehearsing and you just started talking.
    Kacey: Okay, you may be wondering why I just started talking during rehearsal.
    Nelson: Is it to lecture us on how we should act at Justin Cole's party?
    Kacey: No, it's to answer any questions you may have on how you should act at Justin Cole's party.

How to Rock a Statue[edit]

  • Kacey: How can they put Molly on the front of the Brewster Quarterly? How can she be the face of the school? Look at this face. This is the face of the school! (points to herself making a mean face)
    Nelson: That face scares me.
    Kacey: Not this face. (makes a pretty face) This face.
    Kevin: I like that face. Oh yeah!

How to Rock a Music Video[edit]

  • Kacey: I'm the face of Gravity 5.
    Zander: We're all the face of Gravity 5.
    Kacey: But you're the face of the face of Gravity 5.
  • Kacey: Come back! I really have to pee!!!
  • Zander: I think there's something missing.
    Everyone: CHEESE!
  • Everyone: We can't hear you, we have cheese in our ears!

How to Rock an Election[edit]

  • Kacey: A lot of candidates promise you a lot of things. Some promise you some things. But I, Kacey Simon, am the only candidate who promises you no things. Except one thing: I will be your voice. The voice of the regular kids. I believe Brewster High can be great again. So vote for me. Simon Says.

How to Rock a Newscast[edit]

  • Grace: (Reads) Grace begins reading here, arrow.
  • Zander: Well, that's all the time we have for today.
    Grace: I'm Grace King, and I'm Zander Robbins. Have a great day!

How to Rock a Prank[edit]

  • Nelson: At this point Zander, "I want to play the Ukelele" releases the giant hawk that swoops down, picking up Molly, dropping her into the volcano.
    Zander: Wait a minute, there's a volcano?
    Stevie: Oh, so you were on-board with the giant hawk but the volcano throws you?

How to Rock a Secret Agent[edit]

  • Kacey: ...Nobody's looking to see what I'm wearing! And I liked it when they were looking!
    Kevin: I'm looking at what you're wearing... a lot.

How to Rock a Part-Time Job[edit]

  • Nelson: Dude, the pirate thing's mine.

How to Rock Halloween[edit]

Stevie: We're the surfer fingers!
'Kacey: Grace':?
:Grace: Don't tell Molly!

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