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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is a 2019 American computer-animated action fantasy film loosely based on the book series of the same name by Cressida Cowell, produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Universal Pictures. It is the sequel to How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) and the final installment in the How to Train Your Dragon film trilogy. Written and directed by Dean DeBlois. The film's plot follows Hiccup seeking a dragon utopia called "The Hidden World" while coming to terms with Toothless' new bond with a female Fury.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World was released on January 3, 2019 in Australia, and February 22, 2019 in the United States and Canada. It is the first DreamWorks Animation film to be distributed by Universal Pictures, whose parent company NBCUniversal acquired DWA in 2016, rather than 20th Century Fox, with which the studio previously had a distribution deal.


  • There were dragons, when I was a boy.
  • It's you and me bud. Always.
  • Oh, Now you can draw...
  • You brought a baby to a battle?
  • Save him.
  • See? I knew you'd come around!
  • Go on, bud. Lead them to the Hidden World.

Grimmel the Grisly[edit]

  • [to Hiccup about the Night Furies' fates] I am the Night Fury killer. I've hunted every Night Fury, but yours. Hand him over.
  • [to Hiccup after being told that they have defended Berk from far worse than him] Oh. Ha ha. A fighting spirit, I love it! Only, I'm afraid you're mistaken: You've never seen ANYTHING like ME!
  • [to Hiccup, warning him about Toothless] Have my dragon ready when I return, or I will DESTROY everything you love!
  • [to the Dragon Riders] First rule of the hunt: always separate the prey from the pack! You just removed yourselves from the equation!


(flashback with young Hiccup held by Stoick, on top of a cliff of Berk)
Stoick: Hiccup. This is Berk, son. It's our home. It was the home of your grandparents, and their grandparents before them. And it's my job as chief to protect us, Hiccup. And one day, when you're all grown up, that job will be passed on to you.
Young Hiccup: Okay.
Stoick: And it's very important, son, because out there, beyond the sunset, lies the home of the dragons.
Young Hiccup: Wow!
Stoick: Aye! Legends tell of ships that sailed too close to it, only to drop off the edge of the world. Never to be seen again. (Young Hiccup gasps) But, those sailors who turned back, told tales of a great waterfall and dragons guarding the entrance to a hidden world.
Young Hiccup: Whoa.
Stoick: Not just a nest, Hiccup, but a land from which all dragons come.
Young Hiccup: Even...Night Furies?!
Stoick: Especially Night Furies.
Young Hiccup: Those are scary.
Stoick: Don't you worry. One day, I'll find the Hidden World and seal it that people and dragons will fight no more.

(At the forest where the Light Fury was found)
Tuffnut: So. Wanna get married?
Hiccup: Uhh... No, actually.
Tuffnut: Good news. I've been to two weddings. I crashed both. But none as high profile as this one. Lots of pressure. Judgment. Not just by me.
Hiccup: Look. We talked about it. We're not getting married.
Tuffnut: cold feet! I've seen it before. Don't worry, little Hiccy. I'm here.
Hiccup: Wait, Hiccy?
Tuffnut: Now, I've seen the way Astrid looks at you. Everyone has that doubt. That not-so-subtle disappointment. That longing for something more than you. You need to focus on being worthy. I mean, she's a warrior queen for Thor's sake! And you are...neither. But with me as your best man, your spirit guide if you will, you'll learn to embrace your inner Viking. Show these nay sayers, of which there are many, that you are more than just a malnourished runt with bad hair, strange teeth and a twig for a neck.
Hiccup: You're-you're really bad at pep talks.
Tuffnut: Stop letting these insecurities get the best of you. (Toothless walks around) Everyone's watching. I mean everyone. You need to man up. Do as I do. It will be hard, have my word. (Hiccup spotted a dart) And until I break that word, I won't give up! Hey! Hey! What, am I wasting my time here? You see some shiny thing in the woods- Oh, what is that?
(Hiccup looks around as Toothless walks back towards Hiccup.)
Hiccup: (protecting Toothless) Toothless! (Toothless stops) Don't move a muscle. (Hiccup takes Tuffnut's stick)
Tuffnut: Hey!
(Hiccup throws the stick, revealing a dangerous trap. At the Blacksmith Shop)
Hiccup: Someone's here. He managed to slip past our scouts and lay a trap in the woods.
Tuffnut: IT RUINED BOY TALK! (throws the dart, nearly hit Eret)
Gobber: Let me at 'em!
Hiccup: Slow down, Gobber. Let's get a search team on the ground. Scouts in the air. Toothless and I will fly the coastline.
Eret: Yeah. I wouldn't advise taking Toothless anywhere, Chief. (recognizing a dart) I know this handy work: (remembering) "Grimmel the Grisly". Famous back where I'm from. The smartest dragon hunter I ever met. Well, next to me of course.
Hiccup: Well, he can't be that smart. He left his trap unmanned.
Eret: Ha ha. Nothing's accidental when it comes to old Grimmel. He lives for the hunt, to get inside the mind of his prey, to control its every choice. It's all a game to him.
Astrid: Well, he doesn't know who he's playing with.
Hiccup: Yeah. We've dealt with his kind before.
Eret: Don't underestimate him, Hiccup. Mark my words, he'll be back.
Hiccup: Then we'll be waiting for him.
(At Hiccup's house, searching for clues about the Hidden World in Stoick's books)
Hiccup: Alright. Alright, come on give me a clue here. Give me a clue, Dad. (hears noises around his house, but sees Grimmel in cloak)
Grimmel: I hope you don't mind if I help myself. This is, uh... quite good. (Hiccup lights up his Inferno) That is impressive. But, let me finish my drink. (shoots a dart at the sleeping Toothless)
Hiccup: Toothless! What did you do to him?
Grimmel: Nothing that he won't sleep off. Ahh. Ha ha. May I? Chief Hiccup, hmm? Do I say Chief Hic-cup or do I just call you Hiccup? What do you prefer? You have no idea who I am, do you? Uh-ha ha. Well, your father knew of me. Now, there was a chief. One of the greatest dragon hunters to have ever lived! What would he think of you? (laughs) He did it right, you know. Making it his mission to destroy the beasts so that you could grow up in a better world.
Hiccup: He changed his mind.
Grimmel: And look where that got him. So, let's get to the point. I am the Night Fury killer. (Hiccup learn about Toothless being a last one) I've hunted every last one, but yours. You are going to give me that dragon. Or I will-
Hiccup: I will never give him up!
Grimmel: (laughs) You wish dragons to live free among us like equals? A toxic notion, my boy. History has shown that we are the superior species. What if word of your misguided ideas were to spread? It would be the undoing of civilization as we... know it. Hmm. (notices that is not Toothless, revealing Fishlegs hiding under the covers)
Fishlegs: Did we get him? (faints)
(Hiccup throws Grimmel's bow)
Hiccup: NOW!
(The Dragon Riders reveal themselves from their covers)
Gobber: Sorry to barge in!
Hiccup: You think you can come into my home? Sit in my father's chair? And "threaten" my dragon? This is Berk. And we have defended our way of life from far worse than you!
Grimmel: Oh. Ha ha. A fighting spirit, I love it! Only, I'm afraid you're mistaken: You've never seen ANYTHING like ME. (whistles, calling his Deathgrippers to attack the riders and aid him. The Riders takes cover from his dragons and their acids)
Valka: Look out! Son, get clear!
Gobber: RUN! (he, carrying Fishlegs, and Astrid flees)
Grimmel: (leaving in smoke, before warning Hiccup) HAVE MY DRAGON READY WHEN I RETURN, OR I WILL D-STROY EVERYTHING YOU LOVE!
(Escaping Hiccup's burning house, seeing Berk on fire, everyone screaming)

(After Grimmel traps the Dragon Riders in his net)
Grimmel: Where's your dragon when you need him? Hmm, Chief? Must have forgotten all about you. (laughs) First rule of the hunt Separate the prey from its pack. You've just removed yourselves from the equation.
Hiccup: Why are you doing this?
Grimmel: Really? I didn't think you cared. Well, unlike you, when I was a boy and I came up on a Night Fury, I killed it where it slept! That simple act of courage made me a hero in my village. So, I decided to kill every last one, bringing real peace to the people of this world. Until you came along preaching that dragons are something other than thieves and murderers. Psssh. That nonsense dies now. Starting with you.
Hiccup: But you have dragons of your own.
Grimmel: (laughs) These?! They're dragon KILLERS. Drugged into obedience with their own venom! Not even your precious Alpha could control them. They serve me... and only me. Allow me to demonstrate. :(whistling his dragons to kill the Dragon Riders)
Hiccup: TAKE COVER!!!!!

(At the Warlords' base, with Ruffnut captured in a prison cell, begins annoying)
Ruffnut: Why the long face? (laughs) I mean, mine's long, but yours is really long. All face and no brain. Like you got stretched at birth. Do you have a twin, too? Tuffnut took up all the room in Mom's belly. Otherwise, I'd have a rounder head and more brains, that's science. My braids are like little Zipplebacks, see. Rawr-rawr. Yeaaah. Even the mold spots look like eyes. So cute. They even have little horns and everything just like Barf and Belch. Except me and Barf can't stand Belch so they're really just Barfs. It's warm in here. I know what you're thinking. You've never had a prisoner this hot. All the boys love me. Except Eret, who totally lost his chance. That ship has sailed, boys, sorry. And Hiccup is practically married to that round head, Astrid. But Snotlout and Fishlegs, they're basically in my hand. Just can't choose, you know. Snotlout's a beef cake but almost too pretty, you know. Sometimes I think he's more in love with himself than me. There's only room for one beauty in this relationship. (laughs) Fishlegs would keep me alive longer if I had to eat one of them. Stranded on some glacier somewhere. But he never shuts up about dragons. Do you hate it when people never stop talking?
Grimmel: Yyyeeessss, I dooo.
Ruffnut: Bleh, bleh, bleh. It's sooo boring.
Griselda: Can't we just feed her to your dragons?
Ruffnut: What do you have to eat around here? I'm allergic to fish, you should know that. That's all they have in that stupid new island. (Grimmel overhear Ruffnut, finally learning where the Berkians are at) Do you have any clams? They're like little mouths with slimy food inside that's already chewed like the way Mom used to do it.
Grimmel: [Shouts] ENOUGH!
Ruffnut: Until I turned twelve and she was like... "CHEW YOUR OWN FOOD!" And I was like, "NO I DON'T LIKE IT!"
Grimmel: (opens Ruffnut's cage door) Most annoying creature ever to cross my path!
Ruffnut: Awww... (poking Grimmel's face with her Zippleback braids) Oops. You let the dragons out. Gonna get ya. Gonna get ya. No, this one's gonna get ya.
Grimmel: (Chaghatai opens the Scuttleclaw's cage, giving Ruffnut her helmet) Take him and go, please! I beg you! The Deathgrippers will have to forego dinner.
Ruffnut: (confused) Ewww. You feed your dragons... dragons?
Ruffnut: Where's your bathroom? Cuz, I gotta... (makes click sound, Grimmel angrily looks at her) Okay! Gods! No wonder you have grey hair. Stress is not good for you. (She and Scuttleclaw flies off) Ha ha ha! So long, losers!
(Grimmel realizes he can secretly follow her to New Berk.)

(another flashback with young Hiccup with Stoick, inside their house at Berk. Stoick cries in front of the fireplace for the loss of his wife, Valka. He spotted Young Hiccup on the stairs.)
Stoick: Son. (wipes his tears) You should be asleep.
Young Hiccup: I was thirsty.
Stoick: Yeah, come here. (Hiccup climbs down stairs and runs to his Dad)
Young Hiccup: Dad? Are you gonna get us a new Mom?
Stoick: I don't want another. Your mom was the only woman for me. She was the love of my life. But, with love comes loss, son. It's part of the deal. Sometimes it hurts, but in the end, it's all worth it. There's no greater gift than love.

(seeing Toothless and the Light Fury playing on New Berk, Hiccup and Astrid overjoyed until Ruffnut and Scuttleclaw appeared)
Ruffnut: Woohoo! Yeah!
Astrid: Ruffnut?
Ruffnut: Miss me?
Astrid: How did you escape?
Ruffnut: I annoyed them til they let me go.
Hiccup: (confused) Wai-wait... Grimmel LET you go?
Ruffnut: So dumb. They couldn't handle me. See, everyone thinks Tuffnut's more annoying but-
Astrid: But hold on.
Hiccup: Ruffnut, focus! Were you followed?
Ruffnut: I never look back, Hiccup.
Hiccup: (gasps; realizing Grimmel is here for Toothless and the Light Fury) Toothless! (rushes to save the Furies)


  • The Final Chapter
  • Fly on your own. Find your way home.
  • The friendship of a lifetime
  • The Epic Conclusion.
  • Their Final Quest.


    • A.J. Kane (young)

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