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Hubert's Brain is a 2001 American computer-animated short film made by San Francisco digital media company Wild Brain. It tells the story of a science geek who befriends a talking brain-in-a-jar.

Directed by Phil Robinson and Gordon Clark. Produced by Nina Rappaport. Written by Brian Narelle and Robin Steele.
Sometimes everybody needs some... body. Taglines


Bailey: Okay Kojak, the kid's been reading too many comic books. Maybe we should just cut him loose.
Thompson: Well maybe if you weren't in denial, you could contribute to this investigation!
Bailey: [laughs sarcastically] "Denial!" Poindexter here's been taking you on a trip to the twilight zone!
Thompson: Oh, I'm just trying to reach some closure here.
Bailey: You want closure? I'll give you closure. How about I closure your trap! [slaps Thompson]
[The scene cuts to where Bailey and Thompson driving Hubert home]
Thompson: All I'm asking for is a little... backup.

Professor: Now then, time to research my theory. Hubert my boy, direct me to the nearest drinkery. [laughs]
Hubert: Drinkery? But you said we were going to the planetarium.
Professor: [laughs] That's a laugh. Ever tried to pick up chicks in a planetarium? Ha, ha, I'm out of here!
Hubert: But... Professor... you promised!
[Professor honks a clown horn and runs out of the window]
Hubert: But... but...


  • Sometimes everybody needs some... body.
  • A story about an imaginative little boy who doesn't quite fit in, and a brain who is looking for the perfect fit!

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