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Liberty is the power that we have over ourselves.

Hugo Grotius (Huig de Groot, or Hugo de Groot; Delft, 10 April 1583Rostock, 28 August 1645) worked as a jurist in the Dutch Republic and laid the foundations for international law, based on natural law. He was also a philosopher, Christian apologist, playwright, and poet.


  • Liberty is the power that we have over ourselves.
    • As quoted in The Word Book Complete Word Power Library, Volume 1 (1981), p. 324
  • Even God cannot make two times two not make four.
    • As quoted in Delbert D. Thiessen (ed.), A Sociobiology Compendium: Aphorisms, Sayings, Asides, p. 18
  • Not to know certain things is a great part of wisdom.
  • So is there no kind of life more wicked than that of mercenary Souldiers, who without any respect had to the equity of the Cause, fight only for plunder and pay.
    • The Most Excellent Hugo Grotius His Three Books Treating of the Rights of War and Peace ... Translated Into English by W. Evats, B.D., p. 426

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