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When I'm good, I'm very good. But when I'm bad, I'm better.

I'm No Angel is a 1933 film about a floozy lady lion tamer who makes it big on Broadway and hustles men out of their money.

Directed by Wesley Ruggles. Written by Mae West.
A story about a gal who lost her reputation - and never missed it!taglines


  • A penny for your thoughts. Got the idea boys. You follow me?
  • Am I makin' myself clear, boys? Suckers.
  • I'm gonna be a bad girl and go home to bed. I'm tired of tossin' my hips.
  • Always remember, honey. A good motto is: Take all you can get and give as little as possible.
  • Don't forget, honey. Never let one man worry your mind. Find 'em, fool 'em and forget 'em.
  • Well, Beulah, that's another performance under my belt and I still got the face...It's my fortune. When I was born with this face, it was the same as striking oil.
  • And don't forget. Come up and see me sometime.


Rajah: [reading Tira's horoscope] You were born in August.
Tira: Yeah, one of the hot months.
Rajah: It was on the 17th under the sign of Leo, the Lion.
Tira: Aw, King of the Beasts, huh.
Rajah: Ah, you have a wonderful future. I see a man in your life.
Tira: What, only one?
Rajah: But this is one very particular man. He is very wealthy, enormously wealthy.
Tira: ...What does he look like?
Rajah: I see he has brown eyes. In fact, I see two men...two different men. In the near future, I see a change....I see a change of position.
Tira: Sitting or reclining?...
Rajah: The horoscope. Keep this where you may consult it frequently.
Tira: All right, I'll take it to bed with me.

Tira: Five times!...Wedding bells must sound like an alarm clock to you.
The Chump: I don't suppose you believe in marriage, do you?
Tira: Only as a last resort...What do you do for a livin'?
The Chump: Oh, uh, sort of a politician.
Tira: I don't like work either.
The Chump: Oh, you know I like to get around and travel, and believe me, I've been places and seen things.
Tira: I've been things and seen places. That sorta evens us up, huh?
The Chump: [as Tira seductively dances for him] You're certainly givin' me the time of my life, baby.
Tira: Don't say givin'. I don't like that word givin'.

Kirk: Well anyway, you've been awfully kind. I'll never forget you.
Tira: No one ever does.

A maid: I been under the impression that you is a one-man woman.
Tira: I am. One man at a time.

Tira: Oh, Beulah.
Beulah: Yes, ma'am.
Tira: Peel me a grape.

Jack: [about Kirk] He's neglecting important business on your account and, of course, there's Ms. Hatton his fiancee to be considered. [He sits down] Do you mind if I get personal?
Tira: Go right ahead. I don't mind if you got familiar. It's all in the family.

Jack: Tonight, you were especially good.
Tira: When I'm good, I'm very good. But when I'm bad, I'm better.

Jack: The only thing, I'm going to be jealous...Cause if I could only trust you.
Tira: You can. Hundreds have.
Jack: Do you know I'm mad about you?
Tira: I could tell you'd be the first time I saw ya.
Jack: Say, I must be transparent.
Tira: Honey, you're just wrapped in cellophane...
Jack: I could be your slave.
Tira: Well, I guess that could be arranged.

Reporter: Why did you admit knowing so many men in your life?
Tira: Well, it's not the men in your life that counts, it's the life in your men.


  • A story about a gal who lost her reputation - and never missed it!
  • "Come up and see me sometime - any time!"


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