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Isador Feinstein Stone (December 24, 1907June 18, 1989), better known as I. F. Stone, was an iconoclastic American investigative journalist best known for his influential political newsletter, I.F. Stone's Weekly.


  • There must be renewed recognition that societies are kept stable and healthy by reform, not by thought police; this means there must be free play for so-called subversive ideas - every idea subverts the old to make way for the new. To shut off subversion is to shut off peaceful progress and to invite revolution and war.
  • Every time we are confronted with a new revolution we take to the opium pipes of our own propaganda.
  • I sought in political reporting what Galsworthy in another context had called "the significant trifle" — the bit of dialogue, the overlooked fact, the buried observation which illuminated the realities of the situation.
    • The Haunted Fifties (1963)
  • The fault I find with most American newspapers is not the absence of dissent. it is the absence of news. With a dozen or so honorable exceptions, most American newspapers carry very little news. Their main concern is advertising.
    • The Haunted Fifties (1963)
  • A certain moral imbecility marks all ethnocentric movements.
  • All governments lie, but disaster lies in wait for countries whose officials smoke the same hashish they give out.
    • In a Time of Torment, 1961-1967 (1967), p. 317
  • Lifelong dissent has more than acclimated me cheerfully to defeat. It has made me suspicious of victory. I feel uneasy at the very idea of a Movement. I see every insight degenerating into a dogma, and fresh thoughts freezing into lifeless party line.
  • I thought I might teach philosophy but the atmosphere of a college faculty repelled me; the few islands of greatness seemed to be washed by seas of pettiness and mediocrity.

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