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J.D. Fortune, Kirk Pengilly, Tim Farriss, Jon Farriss and Garry Gary Beers in 2010
The devil inside, the devil inside,
Every single one of us the devil inside.
~ "Devil Inside"

INXS is an Australian rock band formed in 1977. The band's founding members were bassist Garry Gary Beers, main composer and keyboardist Andrew Farriss, drummer Jon Farriss, guitarist Tim Farriss, lead singer and main lyricist Michael Hutchence, and guitarist and saxophonist Kirk Pengilly.

Song lyrics[edit]

All tracks are written by Andrew Farriss and Michael Hutchence, except where noted.

Shabooh Shoobah (1982)[edit]

  • Well, you know just what you do to me,
    The way you move, soft and slippery.
    Cut the night just like a razor,
    Rarely talk, and that's the danger.

    It's the one thing.
    You are my thing.

  • I'm standing here on the ground,
    The sky above won't fall down.
    See no evil in all directions,
    Resolution of happiness.
    Things have been dark
    For too long.

    Don't change for you.
    Don't change a thing for me.

    • "Don't Change", written by Beers, A. Farriss, J. Farriss, T. Farriss, Hutchence, Pengilly

The Swing (1984)[edit]

  • Dream on white boy,
    Dream on black girl.
    And wake up to a brand new day
    To find your dreams have washed away.
  • And I imagine you standing here.
    It's subliminal, so inspirational.
    Man of the world for all the good reasons.
    Take away the pain and drink the wine.

    I miss the people,
    I miss the fun.
    You're my apparition,
    She's my only one.

  • Watch the world argue,
    Argue with itself.
    Who's going to teach me
    Peace and happiness?

    We could sit here forever,
    Just never get old.
    Listen to the world
    Letting God's tyres down.

    • "Dancing on the Jetty"
  • It's no use pretending
    That I understand
    The hide and seek we play with facts.
    It changes our demand.

    Tilt my hat at the sun,
    And the shadows they burn dark.
    Light me and I'll burn for you,
    And the love song never stops.

Listen Like Thieves (1985)[edit]

  • Hey, here is the story:
    Forget about the troubles in life.
    Don't you know, it's not easy
    When you gotta walk upon that line.

    That's why - You need
    Oooo, that's why. - This is what you need.
    I'll give you what you need.

  • Playing in the dirt,
    We find the seeds of doubt.
    Don't water them with your tears.
    Don't think about all the years you'd rather be without.
  • We are always wanting
    The things we cannot find.
    You know that we are
    Always wasting time.

Kick (1987)[edit]

  • Live baby live,
    Now that the day is over.
    I gotta new sensation,
    In perfect moments.
    Impossible to refuse.

    Sleep baby sleep,
    Now that the night is over.
    And the sun comes
    Like a god into our room.
    All perfect light and promises.
  • Here comes the woman, with the look in her eye,
    Raised on leather, with flesh on her mind.
    Words as weapons, sharper than knives.
    Makes you wonder, how the other half die? Other half die
    Makes you wonder, wonder, wonder.
  • The devil inside, the devil inside,
    Every single one of us the devil inside.
    • "Devil Inside"
  • So slide over here
    And give me a moment.
    Your moves are so raw.
    I've got to let you know.
    I've got to let you know,
    You're one of my kind.

    I need you tonight
    Cause I'm not sleeping.
    There's something about you girl
    That makes me sweat.

  • Hallucinate, desegregate.
    Mediate, alleviate.
    Try not to hate.
    • "Mediate", written by Andrew Farriss
  • Don't ask me
    What you know is true.
    Don't have to tell you
    I love your precious heart.

    I... I was standing.
    You were there.
    Two worlds collided.
    And they could never tear us apart.

  • I need perfection,
    Some twisted selection
    That tangles me,
    To keep me alive.

    In all that exists,
    None have your beauty.
    I see your face.
    I will survive.

X (1990)[edit]

  • Got some revelation put into your hands.
    Save you from your misery
    Like rain across the land.
    Don't you see?
    The colour of deception
    Turning your world around again.
  • Say I'm crying;
    I'm looking at what's on T.V.
    Pain and suffering
    And the struggle to be free.
    • "Disappear", written by J. Farriss, M. Hutchence
  • In a room above a busy street,
    The echoes of a life,
    The fragments and the accidents,
    Separated by incidents.

    Listen too by the walls.
    We share the same spaces,
    Repeated in the corridors,
    Performing the same movements.

    Storey to storey,
    Building to building,
    Street to street.
    We pass each other on the stairs.

  • In the dark of the night,
    Those small hours.
    Uncertain and anxious,
    I need to call you.

    Rooms full of strangers,
    Some call me friend.
    But I wish you were so close to me.

    • "By My Side", written by A. Farriss, M. Hutchence, C. Thomas
  • Bitter tears taste so sweet.
    I'm seeing my way
    For the first time in years.
    When the love around
    Begins to suffer,
    And you can't find love
    In one,
    In one another,
    Push away those bitter tears.

Welcome to Wherever You Are (1992)[edit]

  • Your eyes are like deep wells of desire.
    Once in your arms I'm on fire.
    You were sent girl so perfectly true,
    Changing my life.
    Now I'm a survivor.

    Heaven sent,
    That's what I call you.

  • And I was lost for words
    In your arms,
    Attempting to make sense
    Of my aching heart.
    If I could just be
    Everything and everyone to you,
    This life would just be so easy.
  • When you're down and confused,
    Nothing seems right.
    And it's you who decides
    Who's going to make it right.
  • Now where did you find her?
    Among the neon lights
    That haunt the streets outside.
    She said, stay with me.

    Beautiful girl (stay with me).

Elegantly Wasted (1997)[edit]

  • Look at all that shines.
    Baby's down on the world and she knows it.
    If your spirit's running,
    Why don't me make it rain like we used to?
    We run,
    We hide,
    We wait and we want
    The good life.
    Aw sure,
    You're right.
    This ain't the good life.

    Ah, Elegantly wasted.
    Ah, Elegantly wasted.

  • Yeah, we're not the only ones
    Who bleed for the love that's lost.
    Trust, like the air we breathe.
    Live, you've got to loose some sleep.

    Everything you do for me,
    Everything I do for you.
    Everything you do for me,
    No one else comes close to you.

  • The heart you're building out of rock
    Is turning into sand
    'Cause you never took the time to think
    What it means to be a man.

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