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I Dream of Jeannie is an American sitcom with a fantastical premise. The show starred Barbara Eden as a 2,000-year-old genie, and Larry Hagman as an astronaut who becomes her master, with whom she falls in love and whom she eventually marries. Produced by Screen Gems, the show originally aired from September 1965 to May 1970 with new episodes, and through September 1970 with season repeats, both on NBC. The show ran for five seasons and produced 139 episodes. The first season consisted of 30 episodes filmed in black and white.

Season 2


Happy Anniversary [2.1]

Narrator: [Opening Narration-episodes 1.2 through 1.8] Once upon a time, in a mythical place called Cape Kennedy, an astronaut named Tony Nelson went up on a space mission. The missile went up, but something went wrong and they had to bring it down. Captain Nelson landed on an island in the South Pacific where he found a bottle. At least it looked like a bottle. But it didn't act like a bottle... because in it was a genie. Oh, not your average, everyday genie. But a beautiful genie... who could grant any wish. Captain Nelson was so grateful, he set Jeannie free. Only she didn't want to be free. You know how it is when you've been cooped up in a bottle for 2000 years. She wanted to have fun. And she wanted to have it with Captain Nelson. So she followed him back to Cocoa Beach. A mythical town in a mythical state called Florida. And there in this house, the girl in the bottle plays Spin The Astronaut.

I don’t have to be done until next week so I’ll be there for about an hour I’m going back to bed so I’m done with the day

Blue Djinn: How does thou wish to die?
Major Nelson: Of old age.

How Do You Beat Superman [2.12]

Jeannie: Master is football more important to you than I am?
Major Nelson: Of course not, that's like comparing oranges and lemons.
Jeannie: And I'm the lemon.

Jeannie Breaks The Bank [2.15]

Col. Alfred E. Bellows, MD: I suppose you have some explanation for this boat being in your living room.
Major Nelson: Yeah, well, it was too big for the bedroom.
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