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Ian Hamilton Finlay, CBE (28 October 192527 March 2006) was a Scottish poet, writer, artist and gardener.


  • Concrete poetry began for me with the extraordinary sense that the syntax I had been using , the movement of language within me, af a physical level was no longer there. So it had to be replaced with something else with a syntax and movement that would be true of this new feeling.
    • Stephen Bann ed. 'Midway: Letters from Ian Hamilton' Willmington Square Books 2014 (Letter to Pierre Garnier)

Poetry Quotes[edit]

  • Evening/Sail
    • Concrete poem Extract:Stephen Scobie 'Stephen Scobie:Introducing Ian Hamilton Finlay ' Scottish Library

Quotes about Finlay[edit]

  • An everyman who happened to accomplish the extraordinary.
  • Finlay blended flowers, words, photography, sculpture, and typography into a potluck of avant-garde pieces of art.
    • 'A Different Kind of Poet'Essay-Katsarel,Michigan State University www.msu.edu
  • A devout Classicist in an age of Romanticism.
    • Stephen Scobie , 'Stephen Scobie Introducing Ian Hamilton Finlay' Scottish Poetry Library

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