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Ian Tregillis (born June 22 1973) is an American author.


The Mechanical (2015)[edit]

All quotes from the American e-book edition published by Orbit Books, ISBN 978-0-316-24799-3
  • They were old enough to know such things were forbidden, yet young enough still to find the forbidden irresistible rather than terrifying.
    • Chapter 1
  • Heartlessness wasn’t the sole province of the rich.
    • Chapter 2
  • And, as was so often the case, the history taught to children was oversimplified, watered down, and ofttimes counterfactual.
    • Chapter 2
  • How could you comprehend things whose existence you doubt?
    • Chapter 6
  • Freedom felt like… nothing.
    Free Will was a vacuum, a negative space. It was the absence of coercion, the absence of compulsion, the absence of agony. A gap in his consciousness where geasa had perpetually jostled for priority, demanding his obedience. It was the photographic negative of Jax’s existence during every minute of the 118 years since he’d been forged.
    It was overwhelming. Exhilarating. Terrifying.
    Overwhelming: he could do anything he wanted. But the grand sum of anything-at-all was nothing-at-all. The topology of freedom offered no gradients to nudge him, no landmarks to guide him. How did humans guide themselves? How did they know what to do and what not to do? How did they know when to do anything without the benefit of geasa and metageasa to prioritize every single action of their waking lives? How did they order their daily existence without somebody to tell them what to do?
    • Chapter 8
  • First, the fact he awoke at all. Cogito, ergo how the hell aren’t I dead?
    • Chapter 10
  • The fallacy of your personal bias is inherent in your choice of words.
    • Chapter 10
  • “Absence of proof,” said Bell, “is not proof of absence.”
    • Chapter 10
  • “Sergeant,” she said as they mounted the stairs leading to her old apartments, “thank you for treating me like a human being. And, for what it’s worth, I am sorry about how this turned out.”
    He grunted. “It can’t be undone,” was all he said.
    • Chapter 12
  • He’d expected torture. He hadn’t expected surgery.
    • Chapter 13
  • He didn’t trust them. But he did trust their greed.
    • Chapter 15
  • Such were the brittle threads of a relationship built not on trust but on a slurry of fear, mutual codependence, and self-interest.
    • Chapter 15
  • It isn’t courtly politics if somebody doesn’t get a dagger in the back.
    • Chapter 17
  • It’s not my fault your makers made you humorless.
    • Chapter 18
  • Perhaps there really was a God, and He was just as cruel as the humans He made in His form.
    • Chapter 19
  • “You narrow-minded idiots have mistaken delaying the inevitable for a divinely bestowed right to survive…
    You aren’t noble survivors of a historical tragedy, you’re a lingering curiosity of a bygone age. The last vestige of a primitive past. Dust to be swept away. The difference between you and I, dear Berenice, is that I recognized the broom for what it was. And got out of the way.”
    • Chapter 19 (the ellipsis represents elision of a short descriptive passage)

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