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Ibinabo Fiberesima (January 13, 1971) is a Nigerian film actress, ex-beauty pageant and event manager.


  • No, I don’t know how to. I never back out. I won’t sleep well if I back out, and that is the way God made me. If my heart is set on something, I must achieve it, there must be success in that thing because I believe that is why God is still keeping me in it.
  • Back then I was afraid. I was very afraid. I used to be afraid of people, I don’t know why. But thank God I have gone past that now. I have lost fear completely. I used to be so afraid and worried about offending people. I used to beat myself up inside for that. It was all fear, but thank God I am where I am today.
  • None of my fans annoy me. I feel good when they want to take pictures with me, especially when I go to the market
  • When I see a man who wants to marry me, I will marry him. I want to marry please. All my children are grown-ups now. I need my own company.
  • My entire LIFE is a MIRACLE!!! God has brought me through so many difficult times in my life. But every one was TEACHING ME, TRAINING ME, LEADING ME & PREPARING ME for everything that I face daily , and MORE that didn’t even think was possible to experience. I just want to share with you that TRANSFORMATION is real! MIRACLES are real! LOVE is real! HAPPINESS is real! Being an entrepreneur with a PROFITABLE business is real! JOY is real! Living in a place of SERVICE is real! Living within your PURPOSE is real! HEALING is real! And living a life of freedom & peace IS REAL!!! I’ve been so blessed to wake up DAILY to a life that I once could only see in my imagination. Keep the vision of your future PRESENT in your mind today. And HOLD ON TO IT until you can SEE IT with your physical eye. Whatever you are believing for is COMING FOR YOU!!
  • Since the incident happened, I have learnt how not to trust anybody any more. I put my trust now in the Lord. And this is better explained in the new song I recorded. The music captures my story.
  • I pray that one day, politicians will have the people at heart and not their selfish interest, because service to the nation is all about the passion you have for your countrymen. It is only in Lagos State that I see people with the passion to serve and do things for the people.
  • I have learnt to be more patient. One shouldn’t rush into anything; one must first understand the situation

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