Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani

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Ibn Ḥajar al-ʿAsqalānī or Imam Ibn Ḥajar (18 February 1372 – 2 February 1449), was a medieval Shafiite Sunni Muslim scholar of Islam "whose life work constitutes the final summation of the science of hadith." He authored some 150 works on hadith, history, biography, tafsir, poetry, and Shafi'ite jurisprudence, the most valued of which being his commentary of the Sahih of Bukhari, titled Fath al-Bari.


  • He who speaks in other than his field of knowledge comes up with such absurdities.


  • By the gate of your generosity stands a sinner, who is mad with love,
    O best of mankind in radiance of face and countenance!
    Through you he seeks a means (tasawassala), hoping for Allah's forgiveness of slips;
    from fear of Hime, his eyelid is wet pouring tears.
    Althought his gerealogy attributes him to a stone (Ḥajar),
    how often tears have flowed, sweet, pure and fresh!
    Praise of you does not do you justice, but perhaps,
    In eternity, its verses will be transformed into mansions.
    My praise of you shall continue for as long as I live,
    For I see nothing that could ever deflect me from your praise.

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