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Ice Princess is a 2005 Disney live action film, directed by Tim Fywell.


Gen: (tries to talk to Casey before class) Casey! (as she walks away) I'm in good shape! I can keep up with you!
Casey: Go away!
Gen: Casey, I didn't know!
Casey: (storms off upset) Right!
Tina: (catches Gen bunking off skating to go to school) Where have you been? You are aware you had practice half an hour ago!
Gen: (turns around from her locker) Yes, I'm aware!
Tina: And?
Gen: And I'm done!
Tina: Done?! (walks toward Gen)
Gen: I'm quitting!
Tina: You've got to be kidding. That's ridiculous!
Gen: No; I was ridiculous for putting myself through this for so long! We both know I don't have the talent!
Tina: Gen, perseverance is nine-tenths of mastering any sport.
Gen: Do you know what I want? No, you don't know what I want! Because you never cared!
Tina: (to onlooking crowd) If you have any sense of self-preservation, you'll scatter. (to Gen) I'm listening!
Gen: I want to stop missing school! I like school! And you know what? It's stupid! And the band will probably be horrible, but you know what I want? I want to go to the homecoming dance! And I want to go with Brian! And I want to stop feeling like an idiot for flunking math because I don't have the time to learn it! And I want–!
Tina: (shouts) All right! (says softly) All right. I can see that maybe we've overdone it!
Gen: Overdone it? Just a little! Casey's skates, Mom?
Tina: We'll continue this discussion at home!
Gen: (slumps down the wall, crying. Then Casey offers her hand to help her up) You heard the whole thing?
Casey: Yeah! Are you okay?
Gen: (nods her head) It's your slot, Case! If I drop out you're right next! You're going to sectionals!
Casey: No. Thanks, but tomorrow's my Harvard interview! That's my slot! That's what I should be doing.
Gen: Are you sure about that?

[Casey chooses skating over Harvard.]
Joan: You can't do this, Case. You're giving up your dream.
Casey: No, Mom. I'm giving up your dream. I'm going after mine.

Casey: I want you to coach me for sectionals.
Tina: Why on Earth would I do that?
Casey: Because you don't have a skater and I don't have a coach. We're a perfect match.

Casey: What's wrong with wanting to feel strong and graceful and beautiful for once in my life?

[After filming and witnessing Casey landing a double lutz, and Casey was shocked that she landed a double jump.]
Ann: When you sign with Nike, remember I wear size six-and-a-half.

[Before Casey's long program]
Tina: Put these in. (Hands her earplugs)
Casey: Why?
Tina: Believe me, you don't want to know. If they fall, you'll get cocky. If they bring the crowd to its feet, you'll feel pressured. No one else exists. Go into the bubble.

Gen: You can eat what you want!
Tiffany: Like bread! Buckets and buckets of bread!
Nikki: Oh boo-hoo! Who cares? Who cares about all that stuff? Don't you just want to skate all the time?
Gen: No.
Tiffany: No.
Nikki: What's the matter with you, people? Are you insane? The Jumping Shrimp is a skating machine!
Casey: "The Jumping Shrimp"?
Nikki: My mom copyrighted it. See ya!
Gen: Scary!
Tiffany: We must learn from her.

Casey: He says it's my calling!
Anne: QED!
Casey: How is this Quite Easily Demonstrated? I mean you’re just as good at physics as I am!
Anne: Not even close! I crank you glide! Event horizon! One day that guy is going to wake up and realise he needs a math tutor! And that tutor will be me!

Gen: Are you a science geek, too?
Anne: Math geek!
Gen: Really? If I pass math then maybe I can get into college! Do you tutor?
Anne: Know any cute guys?

Nikki: I was this close! (shows with her fingers) This close to losing! Where did all of those triples come from?
Mom: Sweetie...
Nikki: Don't you know what's going to happen? After six months with Tina?!
Mom: What?
Nikki: She's gonna whip my butt!

Casey's Mom: That's it? That's the end of your life?
Casey: I Love it, Mom.

Tina: Tomorrow at the rink 5:30am. Get a good night sleep. You're gonna need it.
Casey's Mom: No. You wanna spend all your time with her.
Casey: Mom, I'm not gonna turn into her.
Casey's Mom: She's already rubbed off on you.
Casey: That's not true!
Casey's Mom: Where did this hair come from? And the make-up and that shirt. I did not you buy you that shirt.
Casey's Mom: Hey at least you'll be glamorous
Casey: It is a sport, mom. It is the most thrilling and beautiful sport, OK?


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