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Ice Road Truckers (2007– 2011) is a History Channel TV show about truck drivers who haul equipment and supplies to miners in the Canadian tundra in the dead of winter on a 350-mile highway of ice.

Season 1


Ready to Roll [1.1]

T.J. Tilcox: Holy mother of pearl, look at the size of that fucking hill.

Drew Sherwood: I don't know how much I need to believe from these guys and how much is them putting the fear of God in ya.

Narrator: It's 350 miles long, cost $10 million to build, and in about 60 days, it'll melt away to nothing.

Alex Debogorski: [referring to the mandatory drug test] For me to piss, I'm so old now I gotta have half a Viagra.

Rick Yemm: I was pretty scared going up my first trip. No matter what people say about the ice roads, until you actually do it, you can't be prepared for it man.

Destination: Diamond Mine [1.2]

Narrator: Some will hit the jackpot, some will jacknife, and others won't even get out of the gate.

Jay Westgard: The key is to be quick and then you don't get cold.

Narrator: These are not conditions that De Beers is accustomed to, it's the company's first mine outside of South Africa where it never snows, much less hits -35.

Alex Debogorski: You know what the good thing is about this weather? You can see your breath, that way you know your still breathing.

Alex Debogorski: It was jammed for like five miles.
Hugh Rowland: That's what happened? I heard about that. I heard it was closed for a while but, hey, it's a good thing I come by, they opened it up for me.
Alex Debogorski: Maybe your smell that got them out of your way.

Dash for the Cash [1.3]

Rick Yemm: If you're timid, this road will eat you up.

Alex Debogorski: You know everybody should get up in the morning and say a prayer, you know, for the day, for protection and guidance, and to give thanks for this day. You know, people call me a hypocrite. I say well, I'm not a very good example of Christianity but I'm a much improved version of what I once was.

Alex Debogorski: They must have trucks in heaven cause I'm sure my guardian angel is a driver eh. He sure does a good job of lookin' after me.

Drew Sherwood: I'm not competing against you guys. I'm not even gonna try Rick. You guys are animals. I'm sorry. I'm the old man on the crew, I can't do that shit. You know, I have sex for 3 minutes I need a 10 day nap.

Hugh Rowland: When I get going I don't like to stop at Lockhart very often. It's just that all you do there is eat, then you get tired, then you get fat, I just keep on truckin'. Shit or get off the pot.

The Big Chill [1.4]

Hugh Rowland: Some of these guys are idiots, most of them. These fuel haulers will spin out, but that's okay, we'll go in where we are. If they spin out, you'll have it on film.

Hugh Rowland: He's doing 50 fucking kilometers an hour up the fucking ice. I got him slowed. When I got him at fucking 49 I grabbed him around the fucking throat and said, "f you ever do that again I'll report you and you'll be off this fucking road."

Narrator: You become a pro fast or you wash out, that's life on the ice road.

Hugh Rowland: I got a big load on, I love it.

Midseason Mayhem [1.5]

Narrator: Sketchy ice, little sleep, toughing out the miles no matter what, is what it takes to be a player in the dash for the cash.

Rick Yemm: I guarantee one thing, it don't matter if TJ has a fucking brand new truck or a fucking old truck, he ain't gonna get the loads I'm gonna get. I'll run with no heat and still run circles around him.

The Rookie Challenge [1.7]

Drew Sherwood: Enough is enough. I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!

Into the Whiteout [1.8]

Hugh Rowland: Rick don't have frostbite on his feet. He's just fucking whinin' like a little pussy. He doesn't know what fucking cold is. He started whining this time last year and wanted to fucking go home.
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