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Robert Beck (August 4, 1918 – April 30, 1992), who wrote under the pen name Iceberg Slim, was an American pimp who became an influential author among a primarily African-American readership.


  • It’s hard to square an emotional debt.
    • Pimp: The Story of My Life (1967)
  • Chumps prefer a beautiful lie to an ugly truth.
    • Trick Baby: The Biography of a Con Man (1967)
  • I’m here tonight appearing before you as a well individual, free of the street poison that put me into the kind of position where I brutalized and exploited our Black queens. You have to have a realization that when you exploit your own kind … you are, in effect, counterrevolutionary; that you are hobbling and crippling the struggle of Black people for freedom and dignity.
    • "The Black Pimp" (1971 episode of the TV program Black Journal)

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