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Igor Matovič (born 11 May 1973) is the Prime Minister of Slovakia (since 21 March 2020). Matovič founded the Ordinary People (Obyčajní ľudia) movement which ran on an anti-corruption ticket and was politically to the centre-right, His anti-corruption campaigning has been marked out by "publicity stunts to shine a light on alleged graft"[1] particularly focusing on parliamentary privileges and bribery.


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  • Igor Matovič (born 1973) started his political career in 2010, and he made anti-corruption his slogan from the outset... His political group was constructed not as a party, but as a protest movement Ordinary People and Independent Personalities, Obyčajní ľudia a nezávislé osobnosti) which did not have complex internal structures... He turned out to be more trustworthy than his many competitors; for reasons including the clarity of his message, he proved able to attract voters who had been alienated from politics, as well as the protest electorate.

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