Independence Day: Resurgence

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Independence Day: Resurgence is a 2016 American science-fiction movie about humanity's defense of Earth against the aliens that attacked 20 years before. It is a sequel to the 1996 film Independence Day.

Directed by Roland Emmerich. Written by Roland Emmerich, Dean Devlin, James A Woods, Nicholas Wright, and James Vanderbilt
We had twenty years to prepare. So did they.Taglines

David Levinson[edit]

  • That's... definitely bigger than the last one.

Former President Thomas Whitmore[edit]

  • [having successfully trapped the Harvester Queen on a special barrier] On behalf the people of Earth, happy Fourth of July. [activates bomb]

US President Elizabeth Lanford[edit]

  • [rehearsing her speech] The countless lives that we lost in the war of '96 did not perish in vain. They inspired us to rise from the ashes as one people of one world. For 20 years the world has seen no armed conflict. Nations have put their petty differences aside. United, we rebuild our families, our cities, and our lives. The fusion of human and alien technology not only enable us to defy gravity and travel with unimaginable speed, it also made our planet finally safe again.

Dr. Brakish Okun[edit]

  • [learning from the Sphere that the humans are being offered a chance to lead the fight against the Harvesters] We are gonna kick some serious alien ass.


[the ESD Moonbase has just shot down a spheroid alien spacecraft - over David Levinson's opposition]
General Lao Jiang: It crashed into Van de Graaff crater. We are not picking up any signs of life.
US President Elizabeth Lanford: Let's hope to God we did the right thing.
David Levinson: Madam President, we need to send a team up to investigate the wreckage. We need to know who we just shot down.
Reese Tanner: There's no sign of life and the threat has been neutralized. [to Lanford] We can send a team up, but David needs to be in DC.
Levinson: No, oh. Can we not make this political. I need to get up there and get answers.
Lanford: David, you can lead a team up there, but after the celebration.

David Levinson: I've had years to get us ready. We never had a chance.
President Whitmore: We didn't last time, either. We always knew they were coming back. But look how far we've come. In the last 20 years, this planet has been unified in a way that's unprecedented in human history. That's sacred. That's worth fighting for. We convinced an entire generation that this is a battle we could win. And they believed us. We can't let them down. It wasn't luck last time. It was our resolve. We all have to fight till our last breath. And that is going to lead us to victory.

[A deep-sea salvage team in the Arctic Ocean is just drinking away]
Assistant: What are you idiots doing?
Team Member 1: The world's going to an end.
Team Leader: Even worse, we lost the gold. So we thought we drink a little!
Assistant: US government is on the line. They say the aliens are drilling to the Earth's core and they are looking for a ship in the area to monitor their progress. We're the only ones left.
Team Leader: Tell them we'll do it - for a hundred million dollars. [the gang laughs]
Assistant: [to caller] Yeah, hold on a second. He's drunk. [to Team Leader] They say it's a deal.
[Team Leader goes quiet and everybody gets to work knowing the deal is agreed upon]

[The ESD team see the white sphere recovered from the Van de Graaff crater suddenly come online and speak English.]
David Levinson: Why are you here?
Sphere AI: When I intercepted their distress call, I knew they would come to exterminate you. I came to evacuate as many of you as possible. But you attacked me with the same weapons that they used on us.
Levinson: They attacked you?
Sphere AI: Correct. [shows hologram of a Harvester ship and a planet] A harvester ship conquered our planet and extracted it's molten core. They used them to refuel their ships and grow their technology. They've done this to countless civilizations. We fought them for thousands of years. But they destroyed all of our ships. I, am the sole survivor.
Dr Brackish Okun: I am so sorry to hear that. Do you have a plan?
Sphere AI: My system holds the key to superior technology. And there is a hidden planet where I teach refugees from other fallen worlds how to build weapons that will defeat them once and for all.
Dr Catherine Marceaux: That's why they're afraid of you. You're the only ones who threaten their existence.
Sphere AI: Correct. But now that I'm activated, the queen will detect my signature and hunt me down.
Dikembe Umbuntu: It's too late. She's already on her way.
Thomas Whitmore: Yeah. She's coming.
Levinson: And what would happen if, if we're able to kill her?
Sphere AI: No one has ever killed a harvester queen.
Okun: That's encouraging.
Sphere AI: But as a hive, her fighters will fall and her ship will leave your planet, recalled by other harvester queens. But it's too late now. You must terminate me or she will get the coordinates to the refugee planet. And that will be the end.

[The ESD staff look at the alien prison cells and see the inmates looking agitated]
Patricia Whitmore: Why are they screaming?
Dr. Brackish Okun: They're not screaming. They're celebrating.

[President Whitmore flies with his daughter Patricia to attack the Harvester Queen]
President Thomas Whitmore: It's good to see you flying again. Your place is in the air.
Patricia: You should have let me do this. You saved the world once, Dad.
President Whitmore: I'm not saving the world, Patty. I'm saving you. [feels his head as the Harvester mothership starts closing its underbelly aperture]
Thomas Adams: Tom, what's going on?
President Whitmore: She's in my head.
Adams: Mr President, you got incoming fighters on your six.
President Whitmore: Can you get me to the target, Lt. Whitmore?
Patricia: Yes, sir. Follow me.


  • We had twenty years to prepare. So did they.
  • They messed with the wrong planet
  • We always knew they'd come back
  • 20 Years Of Evolution
  • Their Weapons. Our Fight.
  • They want only one thing... DESTRUCTION!
  • Humanity's last stand.


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